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Hyundai Solaris 2023.

Hyundai Solaris 2023.

Hyundai Solaris 2023.

Hyundai Solaris new generation is revealed in photos: is it being prepared for Russia?

Hyundai has put the new, seventh-generation Solaris on the road test. Tests are conducted on South Korean highways.

Despite this, in the published photos you can see a detail that shows that the 2023 Hyundai Solaris, designed for the Russian market, is now out for testing.

It is the «Solaris» inscription on the tailgate that is visible in the pictures provided.

In other countries (particularly in South Korea) this car is sold as Acsent. This indirectly indicates that Hyundai has put the Solaris for Russia on the road test.

Moreover, this assumption shows that the Korean sedan, after the change of generations, will probably debut in our country first.

However, no information has yet been received from Hyundai in this regard.

In the published photos, because of the dense camouflage, only some details of the exterior can be seen. But even they show that the Solaris will undergo profound changes.

Hyundai Solaris 2023.

Thus, sedan will get separated blocks of exhaust lights and headlights. Today such solutions are mainly used in crossovers. Also the radiator grille will be subjected to great modifications.

No less remarkable looks the back of the sedan. There are new, thinner lights, which are connected with each other by red plastic.

Hyundai Solaris 2023.

The rear bumper, judging by all appearances, will not undergo major changes. Despite the global upgrade, the technical part of the new Solaris will remain the same.

The thing is that Hyundai company has recently closed the department that deals with development of internal combustion engines. Dates of debut of this Korean novelty are not known yet.

As for the interior of the new Hyundai Solaris 2023, it is exactly the same as the previously presented hatchback.

Hyundai Solaris 2023.

In addition, there are not so many updates, as originally stated. Richer equipment has received a different dashboard, the central part of the panel is decorated by the former roundel, but now it displays the temperature. The interior trim materials became one step better.

The standard equipment list of the new Hyundai Solaris now includes remote engine start and contactless door opening.

Hyundai Solaris 2023.

On board sedan also has six airbags, updated cruise control, a modern multimedia system with an 8″ display.

There is also a rear view camera, automatic braking system, road marking monitoring and blind spots control.

As a starter, the buyer is offered wireless charging for smartphones.

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