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Hyundai Tussan 2020.

Hyundai Tussan 2020.

Hyundai Tussan 2020.

2018-2019 Hyundai Tussan — a new sports crossover with the factory package N-Line
The official presentation of the crossover with the N Line package took place at the end of March 2019. Now the car is in full swing preparing to conquer the European market in May of the reporting year. At first glance, the novelty conquers and is remembered due to sports notes and improved handling.

New Price

The developers have not announced the price of a new crossover, despite the imminent release in Europe. Unlike the previous version of the Hyundai Tucson, the new 2019-2020 model was finalized using the N Line technology, because of which the price policy of the car increased to 32 thousand euros.

So far, company representatives have not specified whether the crossover will be available outside of Europe and whether there will be access to an international platform.
The previous model managed to gain a foothold in the role of the “middle peasant market”, so the exit in Russia, America and Asia seems quite logical.

Hyundai Tussan 2020.


The N Line package offers its users:

1. Stylish and catchy appearance. The body of the car added a lot of chips and individual parts that distinguish the car from others when driving.

2. The new package has got a comfortable and high-quality design, which has many references to sports cars.

3. The N Line package is equipped with powerful power plants (depending on version). In addition, the developers added manual chassis tuning from Hyundai engineers.
In general, the changes benefited the car. He has transformed and will clearly be able to win a new audience.

Hyundai Tussan 2020.

Body and exterior

When looking at the Tucson N Line 2019, the headlights that are in the darkened holes are striking. By the way, the headlights are equipped with LED lamps.

The front of the car trumps with a false radiator grille with a large mesh, which increases the amount of exhaust air from the motor. Despite the modest cost of the car, the developers added a few cool chips, for example — fog LEDs in the form of boomerangs.

All elements of the body are painted black, which gives an unusual stylization to the car. 19-inch wheels and alloy wheels with Hyundai signature designs. Tires of a low-profile type from world leaders — Continental 245/45 R 19.
Side windows with the ability to tint and frames in black. Above the glass near the trunk is a large spoiler.

All these details add to the car «sportiness». However, many motorists have found a drawback — all the inserts are made in black, which creates an atmosphere of gloom. The developers have already promised to release the car in nine colors, which should solve the color problem.

Hyundai Tussan 2020.


New Tussan will cost motorists about 32 thousand euros, but the trim is at the highest level. Ergonomics worked out to the smallest detail. Engineers decided to lure the buyer with modern technical stuffing and focusing on the sports elements of the car.

The front seats are sporty with enhanced lateral support and a company label. Sheathing combined type — leather and suede inserts. Steering wheel with great functionality, leather trim too. The lever was transformed — it acquired a stylish appearance and shape in the form of the letter N. The overhead elements on the dashboard and the rest area are made of aluminum.

Among the technical innovations in the cabin, an updated climate control system can be distinguished, which regulates the temperature of the air inside, dividing the cabin into two parts. The dashboard is of an informative type, located in the center, so that the driver can conveniently reach for the desired button.

Hyundai Tussan 2020.

The color monitor with a diagonal of 8 inches is responsible for the control (the sound reproduction system also works through it). By the way, in multimedia, modern programs have been added to support the Apple Car Play smartphone and Android Auto.
Now the crossover can be turned into a Wi-Fi access point. The driver can use the built-in navigator and track movement using the rear camera.

The sound is reproduced using nine Krell speakers, which are turned on singly or together, which creates a wonderful sound effect. Supporting the concept of a sports salon, engineers added the necessary minimum, which is emphasized by simple but elegant lines.
There are no extra or premium technologies in the Hyundai Tucson N Line 2019. Well, despite the loud statements of the developers, the car belongs to the category of medium, as evidenced by its value.

Power and Iron

Engineers slightly modified the type of suspension and control, which increased the stiffness of the suspension itself (in the front part by 9%, and in the rear by 6%). Calibration of the amplifier also benefited, which improved steering performance.
The N Line package offers potential buyers a four-cylinder power unit with a 136 and 185 horsepower turbo installation. As an additional option, engineers developed a hybrid type model with a 48 volt electrical system.

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