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Jetour Traveler 2023.

Jetour Traveler 2023.

Jetour Traveler 2023.

Chery has recently turned its attention to its SUV lineup. True, while she is getting «brutal» crossovers with improved cross-country ability.

One of them was the 2023 Jetour Traveler, which will hit the home market in the second half of August.

It is important that even before the official start of sales of the crossover in the homeland, Chery announced its intention to bring it to Russia.

True, the exact timing of the appearance of the car in our country has not yet been announced.

Despite belonging to crossovers, the Chinese novelty is able to fully compete with SUVs.

Its dimensions are 4785x2006x1880 mm with a wheelbase of 2800 mm.

At the same time, having such a distance between the wheel axles, the developers installed only 5 seats in the cabin. The crossover has a square body shape, which provides it with exit and entry angles of 28 degrees.

Jetour Traveler 2023.

The Chinese novelty is equipped by default with a 1.5-liter 184-horsepower turbo engine, which is combined with a 7-speed robot that transfers all traction exclusively to the front axle.

The claimed average fuel consumption is 8.35 liters. The cost of such a crossover option at home will be 128 thousand yuan, or 1.71 million rubles in terms of the exchange rate.

Already in this version, a 15.4-inch central touchscreen appears.

Along with it, buyers will be offered seats with eco-leather trim, a six-speaker stereo system, climate control and a number of other options standard for Jetour.

In the next configuration, which will cost 150 thousand rubles more, the set of equipment is significantly increased.

Jetour Traveler 2023.

So, the crossover is equipped with cameras with a 360-degree view, wireless charging, adaptive cruise, panoramic windows, door locks with an NFC key, an electric driver’s seat, a powerful multimedia processor, an intelligent head light control system and others.

The second 2-litre engine available to the Traveler already puts out 254 hp. (in Russia it will probably be derated to 247 hp).

It is complemented by a 7-speed «robot» or 8-speed «automatic».

This unit is also combined with all-wheel drive. For such a variant of the crossover at home, they requested an amount equivalent to two million rubles.

For this money, a lockable cross-axle differential is also available.

Jetour Traveler 2023.

And under the bottom there is an additional camera to monitor the condition of the road.

In the most expensive version, high-quality acoustics with 12 speakers, an ottoman on the passenger seat, 128-mode interior lighting and more appear.

In addition, Chery has promised that it will eventually release a hybrid version of the Traveler. Moreover, she can come to Russia.

This version of the crossover is equipped with a 3-speed transmission, an electric motor and a 1.5-liter engine. The power reserve of the Chinese model will reach 1000 km.

Jetour Traveler 2023.

Other characteristics of the hybrid Traveler have not yet been disclosed.

The Chinese novelty is notable for other features. Even during the presentation of the prototype, representatives of the brand said that they would offer several dozen different modifications of the Traveler.

Later it became known that we are talking about special options designed for fans of long journeys.

For example, along with a crossover, they will offer a hinged ladder and a tent, which will be fixed on the roof.

The latter can also be supplemented with a special platform for attaching a drone.

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