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UAZ Hunter 2023-2024.

UAZ Hunter 2023-2024.

UAZ Hunter 2023-2024.

Presented the latest UAZ Hunter 2023-2024 in the «brutal» body of a powerful off-road vehicle: it did not have such characteristics.

Over the past 2 months there is news that probably indicate the direction in which the UAZ Hunter will develop.

At the beginning of the year Chery presented a concept «brutal» SUV Jetour TX. About a month after that came the news that the Chinese company may become one of the main partners of the Ulyanovsk auto plant.

Putting both reports together, we get the new UAZ Hunter 2023-2024: this SUV could be redesigned in the style of the Jetour TX.

Despite the fact that so far this information is nothing more than a guess, there is much evidence in favor of the fact that such a variant is quite possible.

Recall that at that time it was announced about a possible partnership between Chery and UAZ.

The Chinese company may benefit from cooperation with the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

The latter is able to provide at least half of its capacity for Chery cars assembly.

Thanks to this, the Chinese company will be able to reduce the costs associated with the payment of import duties, and reduce dependence on the ruble exchange rate.

As a result, Chery crossovers will be more affordable and, as a result, more attractive to buy in the Russian market.

UAZ Hunter 2023-2024.

UAZ, in turn, can benefit from this partnership. In addition to loading its production capacity, the company will gain access to Chinese technology.

In particular, thanks to the partnership with Chery, UAZ may develop a new version of the Hunter.

The reason why this particular SUV will be the first vehicle to be modernized by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is that it is both morally and technically obsolete by now.

The basis for the future UAZ Hunter 2023-2024 will be a platform from the new Jetour TX.

The main reason why this particular model was chosen as a prototype is that this brand probably will not enter the Russian market.

Chery in our country sells cars both under its own and under the Exeed brand.

Given the small capacity of the Russian market, the Jetour crossovers, which are much like the parent company’s products, will not prove in demand among domestic motorists.

However, the technology used to produce the Jetour models could prove useful to UAZ.

UAZ Hunter 2023-2024.

Using the architecture from the Chinese SUV will allow the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant to solve several problems at once, which are bound to arise during the modernization of the Hunter.

First of all, the Russian model will retain its frame structure after the work.

This is an important detail, given that the Hunter is associated among Russian motorists as a classic SUV.

The second point is the small size. The length of the concept Jetour TX is only 4600 mm, while the current version of Hunter has barely more than 4 meters.

That means the future SUV will be larger and more spacious than its predecessor.

The technical part of the new Jetour TX is not disclosed yet. In this regard, it is difficult to make assumptions about what will be the UAZ Hunter after the modernization.

But it is already known that the Russian model will retain permanent four-wheel drive. At the same time it will be controlled by on-board electronics.

A number of sources reported that Chery will equip the new Jetour TX with a powerful 3-liter turbocharged engine.

However, the future Hunter will be equipped with less powerful units. This is due to the fact that the current demand for the Russian model is largely due to its affordable price.

In particular, the current version of the Hunter costs a little over a million rubles.

UAZ Hunter 2023-2024.

And the introduction of a 3-liter turbo engine could lead to the fact that the price of the Russian SUV will exceed 2 million rubles.

Therefore, even despite such dramatic changes, sales of the new Hunter due to such a high cost will probably be minimal.

In this regard, it is more likely that the Russian model will get a 1.5-liter turbo engine, which Chery has recently upgraded.

This unit has become more powerful, economical and environmentally friendly. After installation on the Hunter the output of 1.5-liter turbo engine must be reduced to 150 hp.

With this engine can be offered as a 6-speed «mechanics» or 7-speed «robot». And the second variant is more probable.

UAZ Hunter 2023-2024.

This model, according to the official statement, will be a direct competitor for Land Rover SUVs and the new Tank 300 that Great Wall has been selling in the home market since last year. However, for the future Hunter the interior will be simplified.

The Russian SUV should keep the price affordable. When buying the future SUV, you can count on the availability of digital dashboard, climate system, multimedia and acoustics.

In other words, the Hunter will finally get the equipment, which is installed even on very cheap cars like Suzuki Baleno for 650 thousand rubles today.

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