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Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021.

Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021.

Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021.

Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021: stylish and inexpensive crossover.
Not so long ago, Cheri’s company showed the world its sub-brand focused on the production of more status cars. His name is Jetur.

So far, only crossovers have been produced under this brand. Another new model was presented not so long ago, and even went on sale in its native region.

We are talking about the Cheri Jetur X70 Coupe 2021 — a small coupe-like crossover that is well suited for city trips and simple everyday tasks.

The car received an attractive appearance, in which some parts were borrowed from other manufacturers, and a good interior, which has everything you need for a comfortable ride.

The characteristics of the new items will not differ much from most other representatives of the automotive world of the Middle Kingdom.


Outwardly, the coupe-like version of the car differs from the base one quite strongly, one might even say that these are completely different cars.

Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021.

The new body has an abundance of relief transitions in height, a variety of inserts that have a color different from the main color, a formidable air intake system and aggressive optics.

All this suggests that a car was created for young drivers who want to stand out on the road with their striking appearance. And this machine has everything for this.

As you can see in the photo, the front end has the most formidable appearance. The muzzle turned out to be not very long here, and also low. So that any driver’s visibility was at the proper level, the muzzle was also placed at an angle.

You can also find a lot of jewelry here. It all starts with the bonnet, where you can observe relief transitions in height, especially on the sides, where there are strongly protruding ribs.

The central part of the bumper includes a trapezoidal air intake, which is slightly recessed into the body.

It boasts a very fine high-gloss black mesh and a chrome Jetur badge. On the sides, this design is complemented by formidable head optics, which take on rather large sizes. Xenon lights will be used to fill it in any configuration.

Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021.

Quite a lot of space is allocated here for a body kit, which is also distinguished by an abundance of decor.

On the sides, it will be decorated with polygonal recesses, which are filled with black fine mesh, which plays an exclusively decorative role, as well as fog signals.

In the very center of the body kit there is a platform under the license plate, and below there is an additional trapezoidal air intake, which improves the cooling of the engine compartment. The body kit is completed with a narrow layer of protective plastic.

The crossover looks stylish on the sides. It all starts here with a strongly sloping roof, which is painted in gloss black.

The roof rails, window frames and glass dividing posts will also be painted in the same color. Large rear-view mirrors, complemented by turn signal repeaters, even in the basic configuration, did not stand aside either.

On the main part of the body, you can find both stepped and undulating transitions in height. The bottom profile is decorated with slightly inflated wheel arches, which, like the sills, will be slightly reinforced with a layer of unpainted plastic.

The rear of the car will take on a rather aggressive look. As befits a coupe-like crossover, everything will start here with a slightly sloping roof, which then smoothly goes into the tailgate, which includes: a long visor equipped with stop signals, an unusual window, a bunch of chrome-painted nameplates, undulating relief and stylish dimensional signals.

Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021.

A lot of space is allocated here for the body kit, which also protrudes outward. It contains details such as decorative grilles on the sides, chrome nameplates, raised transitions in height, a recess for a license plate, a black glossy diffuser, a little protective plastic without color and a pair of round exhaust pipes, divorced at different ends of the bumper.


Inside, the new Cherie Jetur X70 Coupe for the 2021 model year will perform pretty well. From finishing materials here you can find natural or artificial leather, metals, plastic, which can be both hard and soft, as well as fabrics.

All this is supported by advanced multimedia and comfortable seats, making the car an excellent transport for any trip.

There is nothing superfluous on the car dashboard at all. Here you can see only a large touchscreen monitor, a pair of deflectors on the sides and a few auxiliary buttons below.

Then there is a tunnel, on which there is a compartment for storing things, covered with a flap, a technical panel, cup holders and an armrest that hides another compartment for things underneath, but with the function of cooling the contents.
The car has five quite good seats, trimmed with both artificial and natural leather.

They also have a heating system, support on the sides, position adjustments using electric drives and other useful options.

Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021.


Under the hood of Chery Jetour X70 Coupe 2021, only gasoline engines can be found. The basic one is a classic one and a half liter engine, producing 156 horsepower.

For a surcharge, you can install a 1.6-liter unit capable of showing an output of 197 forces, which, as a test drive shows, is already enough to drive over any distance.

As a transmission, it offers either a six-speed mechanic or a seven-speed automatic. Unfortunately, the drive can only be front-wheel drive.

Options and prices

The price of the car starts at 91 thousand yuan or 960 thousand rubles. For the top-end version, you will have to pay another 38 thousand yuan or 400 thousand rubles.

Release date in Russia

The start of sales in Russia has not yet been given, and the car has been sold in its homeland since the end of April 2020.


The car will try to take buyers away from such models as Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Creta.

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