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Lucid Gravity 2025.

Lucid Gravity 2025.

Lucid Gravity 2025.

In 2025, Lucid will introduce the Lucid Gravity electric crossover.

Already in 2025, the electric crossover Lucid Gravity will be officially presented.

The new product will mainly become a competitor to the Tesla Model X and will have a power reserve of 708 kilometers and a price of less than $80,000 or 7,115,728 rubles.

Lucid has finally taken the wraps off its second vehicle, the all-electric three-row Gravity crossover, which joins the well-received Air sedan.

The young automaker assures us that the Gravity will provide plenty of space, a range of up to 708 km, offer a luxurious driving experience and will cost less than $80,000.

“The Gravity crossover represents a significant step forward for Lucid’s world-leading technology and design,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO of Lucid.

“Customers will find an unprecedented combination of space and agility, luxury and versatility, seamlessly integrated into one remarkable vehicle with the driving experience and range of a true Lucid.”

Some details, such as power and torque figures, have not yet been revealed, but Lucid says the Gravity heralds the next generation of electric motors.

Lucid Gravity 2025.

They will be able to accelerate the SUV to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 3.5 seconds. They will also allow it to tow up to 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg) and carry 1,500 pounds (680 kg) of cargo.

Lucid hasn’t yet shared details about the size of the Gravity’s battery, but promises it will be half the size of its competitors.

Despite this, its target range is up to 708 km — in comparison, the Tesla Model X can only travel 560 km.

This figure is helped by the SUV’s slippery factor of 0.24, which is in line with the Tesla SUV and its biggest competitor.

Lucid Gravity 2025.

When it runs out of charge, its 900V electrical architecture will allow it to restore its range to 322km in just 15 minutes.

The crossover received a suspension called Zero Gravity with a zero-gravity mode that automatically adapts to different surfaces, adjusting the ground clearance.

This not only makes the trip more comfortable, but also saves range.

Lucid Gravity 2025.

The three-row cabin features a Clearview cockpit that updates over the air.

Like the Air sedan, it consists of two displays, but the lower one is oriented portrait-style. The same 34-inch OLED screen with instrument and navigator functions is installed in front of the driver.

With the second and third row seats folded, the volume of space will increase to almost 3.2 cubic meters, which is noticeably higher than the same Model X — 2.3 cubic meters, but inferior to the Cadillac Escalade IQ by 0.2 cubic meters.

Lucid Gravity 2025.

The second row has folding tables, and the rear seats do not just fold, but are removed flush with the floor.

The comfort of passengers is ensured by the Lucid Sanctuary entertainment set, as well as Lucid Spaces — presets that imitate the calming atmosphere of American natural parks in the cabin and even help you meditate without leaving the car.

At the same time, the company notes that the pre-production stage is still underway, and therefore some characteristics may be changed.


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