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New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025.

New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025.

New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025.

New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025. New electric crossover BMW Neue Klasse.

This week, fresh spy photos of a new Bavarian crossover in camouflage were published, which will have a very unusual appearance.

BMW continues to work on expanding its line of electric models, and one of the branches of the range will be the so-called Neue Klasse (translated from German as “new class”).

By the way, the Bavarian brand produced a family of cars with this name from 1962 to 1972; it included sedans and coupes and allowed the company to significantly increase profits.

And at the beginning of last fall, the premiere of the conceptual electric sedan Vision Neue Klasse took place.

The serial first-born of the “new class” will not be a sedan, but a crossover, and camouflaged test samples have already been repeatedly spotted by spy photographers on the roads.

The most interesting design element is the front part, which will be made in the style of the Neue Klasse sedan.

New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025.

It is quite possible that the design and graphics of the lights will also overlap with it, but otherwise the car is very similar to the current BMW iX electric crossover: there are similar wheel arches, the shape of the side glazing, except that the window sill line is slightly changed.

New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025.

Another original element is the first for Bavarian models, retractable door handles.

The new product will replace the iX3 model, which is an electric version of the X3 crossover, which is well known in Russia.

The SUV will be the first BMW model to be equipped with sixth-generation batteries with round cells.

New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025.

According to the manufacturer, they will increase the range and increase the charging speed by up to 30% compared to the current ones.

The car will receive several modifications, including 40, 40 xDrive, 50 xDrive and M60 xDrive.

New BMW iX3 Neue Class 2025.

According to available information, production of the new product will begin in the second half of 2025 at the company’s new Hungarian plant in Debrecen.

If you prefer classic BMW models, then we suggest you take a look at the test drive of the 5 Series in the E34 body, which we conducted last month.


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