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Nio ET7 2022 Sedan.

Nio ET7 2022 Sedan.

Nio ET7 2022 Sedan.

Chinese company Nio is joining the ranks of those who will produce electric cars and sell them around the world.

Their first model was shown in Norway last year, but the Chinese want to expand the delivery area to four countries as early as this year.

Three new electric cars will be introduced. One of them is Nio ET7 2022 sedan. It came for a test drive just recently.

Its streamlined shape gives it more aerodynamics. According to the manufacturer, this model will be a competitor to the Tesla Model S.

Nio ET7 has a large number of radars, which give the possibility of autonomous driving.

Also, this model is the first in the world, equipped with a laser sensor in the windshield.

The interior looks more luxurious than in the first generation. The build quality is much improved, with more use of soft-touch materials. Much of the interior is covered in leather.

Nio ET7 2022 Sedan.

There is a large touch screen monitor in the center of the cabin. It can be used to control most of the functions.

The basic package also includes a projection system. The lack of a glove compartment is very noticeable.

There is more storage space under the center panel, and both the driver and passengers have access to it.

Along with this, there is a function of facial recognition and setting a password. This makes it possible to store very valuable things.

The model has an amazing Dolby Atmos music system. 23 loudspeakers are located throughout the cabin and produce great sound.

Nio ET7 2022 Sedan.

The same system is in the EQS from Mercedes brand. There is a lot of space in the back.

It is also possible to turn on the air conditioner, massage or heater.

The trunk is large, but made of low-quality materials.

The engine power will be 625 hp, and the battery will have a capacity of 100 kW / h with a range of 705 kilometers.

The serial version of NIO ET7 2022 sedan has officially rolled off the assembly line at JAC-NIO advanced manufacturing base in Hefei.

It is reported that delivery of the new vehicles to dealers will begin on March 28.

Nio ET7 2022 Sedan.

However, deliveries will not become immediate mass deliveries due to logistical difficulties, but will be carried out sequentially.

Although car reservations were opened last January, «live» sales of the sedan are only now beginning.

The first prototype of the new car rolled off the assembly line in mid-May 2021 to test the operation of the production line.

The serial version tried to run later, on September 16, and the full-fledged first batch of pre-production cars rolled off the assembly line in late November.

The precursor to the brand’s flagship electric car was the Nio ET Preview concept, which was shown to the public back in 2019 at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The electric sedan features a powerful 150 kWh battery, which surpasses even Tesla’s performance.

Nio ET7 2022 Sedan.

Although such a battery is available in the top, while the basic have a capacity of 70 and 100 kWh.

The powertrain uses a twin-engine layout, meaning that there is one electric motor on each axle.

The combined power reaches 653 hp and a tractive torque of 850 Nm. The dynamic performance is at the level of 3.9 seconds up to the first «hundred».

The older version of sedan NIO ET7 with the biggest battery will be produced at the end of 2022.

The range in this version reaches an impressive figure of 1,000 km.

In addition to the outstanding performance, Nio ET7 sedan is equipped with autopilot, which operates due to 12 ultrasonic sensors, 11 cameras, lidar, radar 5-millimeter range.

The sedan is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the implementation of unmanned driving, including four modules NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

The manufacturer itself positions the model as a more technologically advanced alternative to the Toyota Camry.

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