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Toyota Prius 2022.

Toyota Prius 2022.

Toyota Prius 2022.

The Japanese company is preparing to present the next generation model at the end of 2022, and the modification with hydrogen engine will most likely appear in 2025.

The current Toyota Prius hybrid — fourth generation — was presented in 2015, and the model was restyled three years later.

One of the main markets for the Prius remains the States, despite the fact that sales of the family here have been declining since 2013.

So, during the «covid» 2020 dealers sold 43,525 cars, which is 37.6% less than the year before. For comparison, back in 2012, the model sold 236,655 units.

This year, the performance of Toyota Prius in the U.S. increased: from January to August customers bought 48,821 units, which is 69.6% more than during the first eight months of 2020.

Presentation of the fifth-generation Toyota Prius hybrid is scheduled for December 2022.

The model, as now, will have both usual petrol-electric modification, and PHV variant (that is rechargeable from the network).

However, according to the Japanese edition Best Car, the family can be completed with a version equipped with a hydrogen engine. According to preliminary data, such a Prius will appear in 2025.

Toyota Prius 2022.

Probably, the principle of work of the new Prius version lies in the fact that hydrogen will be burned in an ordinary internal combustion engine, unlike, for example, sedan Mirai which uses hydrogen in fuel cells.

Toyota already has experience with such power plant: this spring it presented Corolla Sport equipped with a 1.6-liter hydrogen «turbo-troika».

According to the newspaper, in a few years Prius can borrow this version of «stuffing».

Toyota Prius 2022.

So far, there is no official information about the «technique» of hybrid variants of Toyota Prius of the fifth generation.

It is expected that the system will be different, but, like the current one, will be based on «atmospheric» 1.8 liters (it will work in tandem with the electric motor).

Now the power plant of «normal» hybrid Prius, as well as rechargeable version Prius PHV includes 1.8 2ZR-FXE engine, its output equals 98 hp, and maximum torque — 142 Nm.

The kit includes 72-horsepower electric motor (163 Nm). While the «simple» hybrid has all-wheel drive version E-Four: these cars received also a 7.2-horsepower electric motor for the rear axle (55 Nm).

Toyota Prius 2022.

And the PHV version is equipped with a 31-horsepower generator motor (40 Nm), which connects during rapid acceleration.

Each Each version has its own version of the battery.

Thus, «normal» hybrid Prius is equipped with lithium-ion version with capacity of 0.75 kWh, «all-wheel drive» hybrid E-Four is equipped with nickel-metal hydride version with 1.2 kWh, well, and modification Prius PHV got lithium-ion battery with capacity of 8.8 kWh.

Toyota Prius 2022.

On the U.S. market, the current version of the «regular» Prius costs $24,525 (the equivalent of about 1.79 million rubles at current exchange rates), and the plug-in hybrid will cost at least $28,220 (about 2.05 million rubles).

In Russia, the model was present in the model range of the brand, but due to modest demand, it left our market back in 2017.

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