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Nissan Titan 2020.

Nissan Titan 2020

Nissan Titan 2020.

Nissan Titan 2020 — restyled version of a rival to American pickups.
It’s no secret that Nissan has been actively fighting for the American market in recent years. True, the latest results are not particularly consistent with the stated ambitions. It is also possible to address here the almost disastrous sales of the Nissan Titan pickup, which at the end of the year sold only 50,000 copies, while American competitors such as Ford and Chevrolet did not reach the million mark a little.

But the Japanese do not intend to retreat so easily, and at the beginning of 2020 they are rolling out a new restyling Nissan Titan, which will change not only externally.

Still, changing the radiator grill is somehow not enough to increase sales. The guys from Nissan are well aware of this, therefore, in the technical part, in the trim levels and even in the body, there have been several cardinal changes.

Nissan Titan 2020


In the engine compartment of Titan, there have been changes solely for the sake of advertising. The advertising campaign, which started right after the presentation, emphasizes that this is the most powerful pickup in its class. Actually, it is.

The previous version of the gasoline engine showed 396 horsepower. He was moved, forced and additionally threw some horses. Now the power characteristics of the 5.6-liter V8 petrol is 406 hp. and 560 Hm.

Diesel engine Nissan Titan 2020, which is equipped with heavy representatives of the model remain in place. It should be noted that the restyling has not touched the small «trucks» XD. Now we are talking only about the «light» version.

The drivetrain has also been revised. Again, for the sake of advertising. If earlier a 7-speed automatic was installed on a pickup, now commercials emphasize the presence of a 9-speed automatic.

Nissan Titan 2020

As for the drive, everything will be again, depending on the configuration. The cheapest Titanium will have a rear linkage. Those that are more expensive already come with a full plus for fans of complete off-roading, a rear differential lock function is offered.

Another important innovation is that the Safety Shield 360 safety system has migrated to the basic equipment, in which the connection between automatic braking, tracking blind spots and lane markings is established.

Additionally, the number of pillows has increased (from 6 to 8), a new smart cruise, sign recognizer and 360-degree cameras in the base package.

Nissan Titan 2020


In appearance, the main change is that Nissan abandoned the production of a cab with a single sofa in the front, as it was not sold from the word at all. Now, only two varieties of four-door pickups will roll off the assembly line.

Each configuration will have its own grille. Judging by the photos, there will be a choice between massive chrome and matte plastic. The panoramic roof remained in expensive trim levels or as an option.

Titan’s optics will also be LED. It is known that the base version offers LED lighting for the trunk and rear brake lights, while LED headlights and headlights will be available in three premium trim levels.

Otherwise, the designers have slightly redrawn the front and rear bumpers, calling their style «peaceful warrior», which means it is not clear, but in general, both the front and rear parts look quite organic and are not much inferior to the main competitors.

Nissan Titan 2020


Particular attention was paid to the presentation at the salon. To increase competitiveness, the base Titan has got hold of several new options that were previously available for a surcharge or in premium versions.

Among the innovations was a new 8-inch screen, a new multimedia with a speaker system from Fender (in a premium configuration up to 12 speakers), Apple and Android car complexes and a Wi-Fi sensor for 6 gadgets with a declared speed of up to 45 Mb / s

In addition, Nissan has reshaped the seats. The front and rear sofas are made according to the «zero gravity» technology, the shape of which is thought out so that the distribution of body weight occurs more competently.

This will allow you to get less tired on the road and literally rest on the trip. The upholstery of the seats and the torpedoes received color stitching. The black interior received red threads, and the light black.

Price and start date

Nissan Titan 2020

The presentation of the novelty took place quite recently in Dallas, which is in the state of Texas, where, in fact, the target audience of mini-trucks meets.
The start of sales in America is scheduled for early 2020. The Japanese side does not provide more information. Titan will appear in Russia also is not known yet. The preliminary cost is 2,180,000 rubles.

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