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Pickup JAC T8 2024.

Pickup JAC T8 2024.

Pickup JAC T8 2024.

The junior JAC T8 pickup truck has arrived in Russia, and it has a diesel engine.

The truck is a pre-reform version of the model with the Pro prefix. The “simply” T8 differs in interior design and equipment, in addition, it has different equipment.

In its native China, the JAC T8 frame pickup truck debuted in 2018, and a couple of years later its interior was redesigned — this truck was assigned the Pro prefix.

Moreover, as often happens with Chinese cars, the previous version remained in service.

The JAC pickup truck reached Russia last summer: it was the Pro version that was brought to us. Now the local office of the company has announced the appearance in the Russian Federation of “just” T8, without a “surname”, that is, a 2018 model.

Well, let us remind you that the original “eight” is, in fact, a modernized JAC T6.

The last truck from the Russian range of the brand has already been removed: our “six” has turned into Sollers ST6, assembly of the renamed model has been established in Vladivostok.

Pickup JAC T8 2024.

So, the JAC T8 will be available in the Russian Federation with two engines to choose from — a 2.0 petrol turbo-four (190 hp, 290 Nm) and a two-liter turbodiesel (139 hp, 320 Nm), both engines are combined exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission .

The T8 Pro pickup has a different gasoline engine (2.4T, 204 hp and 320 Nm), although it is also paired only with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Pickup JAC T8 2024.

It is curious that initially a 2.0 turbodiesel was also announced for the Pro version, but this modification never went on sale.

Both pickups by default have rigidly connected all-wheel drive with reduction gear.

The dimensions of the cars are the same. Length – 5325 mm, width – 1880 mm, height – 1830 mm, wheelbase – 3090 mm. Dimensions of the cargo area: 1520/1520/470 mm. The passport ground clearance is 220 mm.

Pickup JAC T8 2024.

As with the JAC T8 Pro, the pickup truck without the prefix includes xenon headlights, LED running lights and taillights, 18-inch wheels, a leather interior, air conditioning, a pair of airbags, front and rear parking sensors, all-round cameras and cruise control. control.

At the same time, unlike the Pro version, the younger truck does not have heated front seats; in addition, the JAC T8 has analog instruments and a multimedia system with the usual 9-inch diagonal screen (the T8 Pro has a 7-inch display in the dashboard and a vertical multimedia tablet for 10 .4 inches).

Pickup JAC T8 2024.

The JAC T8 pickup will go on sale soon, prices have not yet been announced. T8 Pro today costs from 3,199,000 rubles.

Meanwhile, in 2024, another JAC frame truck will appear in Russia — the flagship T9.


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