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The new BMW i4 2022.

The new BMW i4 2022.

The new BMW i4 2022.

The new BMW i4 2022 makes Europeans refuse from cars with internal combustion engines: it has all the best that the Bavarians have.

The new BMW i4 electric sedan caused a lot of controversy right after its debut. The automobile has kept recognizable appearance of Bavarian models, has received a huge radiator grille.

It caused a barrage of criticism from fans of the brand. But later Europeans have changed the opinion concerning the new BMW i4.

This four-wheel drive sedan, which in top version produces up to 537 hp of useful power, has absorbed all the best solutions available today for the Bavarian company.

Moreover, as noted by a number of owners, the BMW i4 is also very durable. And this despite the fact that the Bavarian model is a completely new electric car.

Step into the cockpit of the i4, and you find a combination of familiar and impressive new components.

The new BMW i4 2022.

The driver’s position, standard sport seats, and most of the controls and switchgear are familiar from the 3 and 4 series, but there’s a huge wide glass instrument display angled toward the driver that provides plenty of driving data, and you can customize the infotainment system.

The iDrive system is BMW’s eighth version, now fast and intuitive.

The entire cabin creates an aura of quality and comfort, and you sit pretty low in the car (as in other Gran Sport models), so it feels sporty from the start.

The new BMW i4 2022.

The cabin is roomy enough for the front passengers — in their standard sporty bucket seats — but the full-sized adults in the back have pretty limited knee and headroom.

That is, judging by the comments above, BMW has created an electric car designed in full accordance with the traditions of the Bavarian brand’s models.

Thus, the novelty offers essentially more than it is possible to find, for example, in the 4-Series sedan.

When you take off, you have a choice between the «under sail» driving mode or another mode that provides a high level of regenerative braking, although there is nothing in between.

The new BMW i4 2022.

The transmission runs instantly, powerfully and almost silently, especially after you find a menu in the center of the screen that mutes the artificially tuned «driving sound.»

The car accelerates quickly and silently, as you’d expect from the latest electric cars.

Instant torque provides a sharp start.

The following comment sums up the whole impression of the Bavarian model:

The result is a fast, lightweight car that still attracts the driver’s attention like other BMWs, but also with the quietness and quietness of other electric cars.

The new BMW i4 2022.

But the Bavarian model has one important drawback that could negatively impact its sales — it’s overpriced, compared to Tesla-branded cars.

The price difference is significant, but it has to be compared to the questionable build quality of Tesla.

With a BMW, you are supposedly paying for the premium badge and higher build quality.

However, BMW’s higher purchase price may not result in a higher residual value after 3 years.

This comment reflects both the doubts many Europeans have about buying a new BMW i4 and the reasons why the Bavarian model is worth considering.

First of all, it concerns the fact that the main competitor in the form of the Tesla Model 3 is often the object of criticism because of its poor build.

If in the U.S. this feature is rarely noticed due to various circumstances (for example, here cars are replaced more often than every 3 years), then in Europe and elsewhere in the world it can lead to a decline in sales of the American electric car.

But BMW has another flaw inherent in all of the brand’s electric cars: the company has very few charging stations.

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