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Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022: evolution from a stylish sedan to a bright crossover.
This year’s Shanghai Motor Show has pleased automotive public with several interesting novelties.

In particular, the Toyota Company has shown Toyota Crown Kluger 2022 model year.

Despite the name, the car is not directly related to the brand’s premium sedan — it is a crossover, bright, practical and capable of solving many problems.

Tuned for the market of China, the model can not be called a restyling of something that currently exists: absolutely fresh ideas, combined with time-tested technology give the car a serious competitive advantage in the fight for Chinese buyers.


Even from the photo it is not difficult to establish the similarity between Toyota brand models such as Kluger and Highlander.

At the same time, the dodger, the optics and partly the relief suggest that the new model is not identical to its more expensive counterpart, but individual and unique in its own way.

The front end of the Toyota Crown Kluger 2022 is not very high, but has a solid length and width.

The windshield here is not the largest, but provides good visibility from the driver’s seat due to the large slope.

It turns into a large, slightly lowering to the front edge of the hood with smoothly raised central part.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Its shape is emphasized by the large matrix headlights with a good LED filling extended along the lower edge.

Located between them the radiator grille does not seem big, but contains the brand logo of the model — the crown.

Massive bodykit here as if «smiling», revealing a huge trapeze of the lower air intake with black horizontal flaps, the area under the license plate, L-shaped slots on the edges.

Below you can find small round fog lights, and already on the edge of the bumper — a small curved protective layer.

The profile of the new body boasts smooth lines of the roof, complemented by a window line, consisting of small stern glass, black-glossy pillars and black, but already matte trim.

Below is a flowing one into another relief transitions, passing in the edges over the sills and wheel arches.

The overall look is complemented by rounded mirrors of medium size on thin, elegant legs, massive handles and traditional for modern crossovers protective layer in the lower part of the sidewall.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

At the back the car looks bright, but quite ordinary. A powerful visor with a brake signal repeater in the middle covers a slightly tilted oval window of medium size.

Below are located almost triangular parking lights, a simple relief, stamping for the license plate and a few badges.

The trim includes an intricately shaped diffuser with fog lights on the sides, as well as a protective layer from which the twin round barrels of the exhaust completion system stick out.


Inside the new 2022 model year Toyota Crown Kluger, everything looks bright and stylish, but there are very few changes compared to the Highlander XSE.

First of all they lie in the redesigned dashboard. And here are the trim materials, among which — leather, polished aluminum, soft plastic and a little fabric, the creators of the new crossover decided to simply transfer from the related model.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

The design of the front

Behind a big steering wheel with a branded protruding forward centrowina and a lot of buttons on lateral spokes, the completely virtual dashboard, able to display only necessary information for a driver is settled down.

To the left of it you can find the button «start-stop», and also a large display of the multimedia system and a block of physical buttons and «twiddles» to adjust the climate control directly under it.

This part of the console is separated from the tunnel by ventilation deflectors located at different heights.

As for the tunnel, its front, low located part includes a technical block of elements headed by the selector of the transmission and cup holders, and the rear — a high, comfortable armrest with a voluminous cooling compartment inside.

Seating and luggage compartment

The cabin of a fairly large crossover can accommodate seven people simultaneously, though, the last row is better suited for children or people of short stature.

In general, the seats are very comfortable, have a sports two-color upholstery of genuine leather and contain a fairly soft filler.

Those seated on the front row will be able to electrically adjust the position, heating, ventilation and developed side support.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

The three-seater sofa of the second row «can» slightly change the slope of the back and gives the opportunity to use the central armrest in the absence of the central passenger.

And the main advantage of the seats of the third row is the possibility of their easy transformation to increase the volume of the luggage compartment.

As the test-drive showed, the trunk of the automobile is not small. Even with all raised places its volume will make about 450 liters, and the folded second and third rows will add 1500 liters of space.

Technical characteristics

According to the latest information, under the hood of the Toyota Crown Kluger 2022 will be installed hybrid power plant, including 2.5-liter gasoline atmospheric engine and electric motor, which issue «for two» 192 forces.

Drive is front by default, but for extra charge you can count on a full drive.
The named characteristics will allow the automobile to solve the majority of problems not only in a city and on a freeway, but also there where the roads become worse.

In any case, the main trump cards of the vehicle are relatively fast acceleration, good controllability and low fuel consumption.

Options and prices

At the moment in the homeland the car is offered in one of four complete sets. The starting price for the car approaches the mark of 3.8 million rubles in Russian money, but the price of the top will be about 350-380 thousand more.

Start of sales in Russia

On the date of release in Russia is still out of the question, but in the Middle Kingdom production of the crossover began in the summer of 2021.

Competing models

Besides its twin brother Toyota Highlander, Volkswagen Touareg, Ford Expedition, Mazda СХ-9, as well as Lexus RX will compete for a buyer’s purse with the Japanese novelty.

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