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Toyota Mirai 2020.

Toyota Mirai 2020

Toyota Mirai 2020.

Toyota Mirai 2020 is a hydrogen-powered sedan.
Already 4 years have passed since the first production hydrogen car rolled off the assembly line. In general, it is difficult to say about the success of the adventure. Total sales of Toyota Mirai were only 10,000 units. Compared to other brand products, this is just a negligible figure.

However, the Japanese are in no hurry to close the «unsuccessful» project and decided to bend their line to the end, against all odds, releasing the second generation of Mirai 2020. What the guys from Toyota have prepared and what they are generally counting on, see below.


Considering that very few people have heard of the first generation. Acquaintance should start with the principle of operation of a hydrogen car. Looking ahead, some economics. The last Mirai cost $ 57,500. The amount is quite significant for some kind of nonsense.
But. The cruising range at one gas station was 480 km. At the same time, the cost of one refueling, calculated by enthusiasts, costs 5 rubles, against about 1000-1200 rubles for refueling gasoline to cover a similar distance. So the technology pays for itself. By the way, the second generation will cost more.

Toyota Mirai 2020

The system itself is powered by an electro-hydrogen engine. The fuel is filled into a special tank where the oxidation reaction takes place. As a result, quite solid energy is generated, which the generator converts into mechanics. Everything is simpler than even in the internal combustion engine.

By the way, due to a rather simple design, technically Mirai is quite reliable in operation.
So, what is the difference between the second generation Mirai and the first?

In fact, there is not much information. When presenting a concept, manufacturers are always too modest to meet expectations.
So far, Toyota has limited itself to such general formulations as improved suspension settings, significantly improved dynamics, an enlarged fuel compartment (in the first generation, two tanks contained 5 kg of hydrogen) and, accordingly, an increased range. The exact figure was also named — 850 km on one tank.

Additionally, the new product has grown in size due to the change of platforms. The first generation was produced on a front-wheel drive Prius platform, this time the sedan became full-size due to the bogie from the rear-wheel drive Crown.

For the rest, the manufacturer promised a new, more modern multimedia and buns in terms of comfort, such as an electric seat adjustment, ventilation and heating of sofas, that is, from an uncertain pioneer, the new Toyota Mirai 2020 becomes a confident representative of the business class. The network even notes that the hydrogen car from Toyota will soon kill the Camry flagship.

Toyota Mirai 2020


The body of Mirai is not to say that it is as outstanding as its technical part. Before us is a classic four-door sedan, though made in a minimalist style. Smoother without unnecessary squiggles.

In front, a purposeful nose, consisting of sharp edges of the bonnet, sweeping LED optics and a huge trapezoidal radiator grille «to the floor», slightly reinforced at the bottom of the chrome element.

On the side, you can note quite standard proportions, it seems even partially borrowed from the latest Camry. The rims are quite large — 21 inches. The feed is made to match the front.

Nothing superfluous — a strip of LED dimensions, and a bumper with trapezoidal ribs also «to the floor». Bumper bottom made of carbon fiber with recesses for stoplights. It is worth noting that the exhaust is completely absent here.

Mirai is not small in size:

• length — 4873 mm,
• width — 1884 mm,
• height — 1468 mm,
• wheelbase 2918 mm.

Toyota Mirai 2020


Toyota’s salon is completely new, because the dimensions and class have changed, frankly speaking. The rear sofa has become a three-seater, the upholstery materials have changed from plastic to premium leather and chrome inserts. The torpedo received new forms.

The tidy has become virtual, an 8-inch on-board computer screen and a 12-inch for entertainment were added. A massive armrest and a platform for wireless charging of gadgets have been formed on the central tunnel. Nothing particularly futuristic in design. Here the emphasis was clearly on the business class.

Toyota Mirai 2020

Price and start date

With the price of Mirai, everything is not so simple. At home, the car falls under the state support program. The manufacturer is asking for $ 80,000 for the new version of the hydrogen car. But the final buyer, the Japanese, of course, is entitled to compensation in the amount of $ 17,000. That is, roughly speaking, the price for a car will be 4.1 million rubles.

Naturally, the price in Russia would be full, our «oilmen» will not give any compensation. But it is not clear whether the car will be presented in our country at all, and we simply have nowhere to refuel it. The previous version was in demand exclusively in the USA and Japan.

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