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Brabus Mercedes A250 2020.

Brabus Mercedes A250 2020....

Brabus Mercedes A250 2020.

Brabus Mercedes A250 2020 is a new pumped-up compact from Germany.
This model in the back of the W177 has become a landmark for the brand — it has received a new corporate identity in design, technological equipment and a driver’s chassis.

The latter has very well taken root in the AMG version. However, this version was the only sports variation in the range of the German compact. Now a new modification has been added to it, though less powerful, but even more exclusive — from the court tuning studio Brabus. Why is it interesting for fans of the brand? More on this below.

The presentation of the Brabus Mercedes-Benz A250 took place in the first half of December 2018. The car is based on the standard version of the model, while a number of significant improvements have been made to it, which make a real sports car out of an ordinary car with a claim to luxury — this is exactly what fans of the German brand have been waiting for.

Brabus Mercedes A250 2020....

At the same time, the modified model will not become a direct competitor to its brother in the performance of AMG, and there are a number of reasons for this, the main of which is a less powerful engine, but you can read about it below.

In the meantime, let’s start with the exterior of the novelty. Regarding the stock version, the tuned car received an aluminum radiator grille with the tuning studio logo, a front bumper with a low and pronounced splitter, huge wheels with semi-slick tires, a large spoiler on the fifth door, an aerodynamic body kit, a diffuser with four exhaust pipes integrated into it.

As for the interior, here you can see branded floor mats with an engraving of the company, bucket seats, door sills.

Brabus Mercedes A250 2020....

The model’s equipment list includes:

• Full LED headlights.
• Wheels from a special light alloy with dimensions from 17 to 20 inches, which are shod in semi-slickers from Comtinental, Pirelli or Yokohama.
• Interior lighting with LED elements.
• Automatic air ionizer in the cabin.
• Sports seats with leather upholstery.
• Perforated leather multifunction steering wheel.
• Rear parking sensors.
• System of cameras of circular video review.
• Electromechanical «handbrake».
• Radar cruise control.
• Complex for monitoring hard-to-see areas of the body, tracking road markings, reading road signs and recognizing pedestrians.
• Exchange rate stabilization system.
• Virtual cockpit.
• Multimedia and entertainment center Mercedes User Experience.
• Sensors of rain, light.
• Driver fatigue sensor.
• Navigation complex.
• Luke.
• Illuminated door sills with brand logo.

The exclusive CD will be available for ordering not only in the European market. He will be brought to Russia as well. According to preliminary information, the price of Brabus Mercedes-Benz A250 2019 will be 3 million 100 thousand rubles.

Brabus Mercedes A250 2020....


The model is based on a front-wheel drive platform with fully independent suspension of both axles. Engineers from the German studio did not make any changes to the suspension kinematics. At the same time, the power steering was recalibrated.

Also, in order to increase the stability of the compact on the road, shock absorbers, springs, stabilizer struts, as well as anti-roll bars themselves with a higher performance, are installed. All this made it possible to adapt the chassis to the increased engine power.

Modernization of the 2.0-liter petrol power plant allowed to increase its power output from 224 to 270 horsepower. At the same time, the torque indicator increased from 350 to 430 Newton meters.

As a result of improvements, the acceleration time of the car from 0 to 100 km / h has decreased and is now 5.9 seconds instead of 6.2, which are inherent in the usual compact modification.

Brabus Mercedes A250 2020....



This Mercedes from Brabus is able to be remembered by many. The car has an extremely avant-garde exterior and with all its appearance hints at outstanding driving abilities. Namely, it should be noted a massive front bumper with aerodynamic air intakes, a low side body kit, huge exhaust pipes that are combined with a stylish diffuser, a laconic spoiler on the fifth door.

At the same time, alloy wheels with low-profile track tires harmoniously complement this whole picture.
In turn, you can find out about the model’s belonging to the cult tuning studio from Germany by the corresponding nameplates on the rear and front of the car.


There are brand logos in the salon of the tuned A250. They can be seen on the leather upholstery of chairs, door sills, floor mats. It should be noted that the leather upholstery is of very high quality and is natural, as are the aluminum inserts on the dashboard. The torpedo itself is notable for two 10.25-inch LCD monitors.

One of them acts as a dashboard — the layout of the readings on it is familiar, so you won’t have to get used to anything. But it is problematic to read the «drawn toolkit» on a sunny day, and the glare that appears on its surface should be blamed for this.

The information display of the multimedia system also glitters. Moreover, all information from the onboard systems of the model is displayed on it and in bright lighting it becomes unreceptive to the eye.

The front bucket seats have moderate, but quite sufficient lateral support for drive — the body is fixed tightly. The profile of the seats is also not bad, which allows you to feel comfortable on long trips.

The back sofa is also quite free — there is even more space here compared to the standard model thanks to the thin backs of the front galleries. Therefore, it is quite possible to accommodate two passengers in the second row with an increase of up to 185 centimeters, but the third rider will be cramped in the shoulders.

Driving properties

Engineering improvements to increase the tractive power potential of the engine had a positive effect on its throttle response. Namely, the power plant now has a more saturated torque shelf in the lower rev range.

At the same time, it is now tightened up to the maximum speed with excitement, delighting with the uterine sound of the exhaust and the accelerator pedal, which is hypersensitive to the touch of the driver’s foot.

Manageability, on the other hand, practically did not change, even though some work was also carried out on it. The steering wheel has become only a little more informative during active maneuvering, and swinging has decreased when cornering.

However, these innovations are quite enough to enjoy driving, because already in the standard version the model boasts excellent stability on the selected trajectory, sharp steering wheel and neutral steering.

But the ride comfort has become much worse, which is reflected in the low ride comfort when driving through minor road bumps and strong shaking at the asphalt joints. What’s more, the suspension has become shorter, which means that at high speeds there is an increased likelihood of getting all four wheels off the road, which can intimidate the inexperienced driver.


The Brabus Mercedes-Benz A250 W177 is definitely an exclusive product. It is not intended for the general public, but it is able to fully satisfy the vanity of the brand’s fans due to improved acceleration dynamics and a more charismatic appearance.

Therefore, someone is unlikely to pay attention to the extremely clamped suspension, as well as to the immodest price tag of the new item — collectors will treat this with understanding.

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