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Toyota Supra GRMN 2024.

Toyota Supra GRMN 2024.

Toyota Supra GRMN 2024.

According to information from insiders, the Japanese company will soon introduce a new, more powerful 2024 Toyota Supra GRMN.

This version may be the last in the history of this model. The Japanese company is preparing for the retirement of the Supra with an internal combustion engine, instead of which it will release a similar sports car with electric motors.

An unofficial render of the new Toyota Supra GRMN has appeared on the Internet.

Information has appeared about a 551-horsepower engine for the “charged” Toyota Supra GRMN sports car.

Rumors that the Supra GRMN will receive a powerful BMW engine have been circulating for years.

Thus, in 2020, the powerful sports car was equipped with an inline six-cylinder BMW 3.0 S58 unit with a capacity of 510 horsepower.

Now, updated information has appeared that the Japanese automaker can borrow the turbo engine from the M4 CSL from the Bavarians — its output is 551 horsepower.

Toyota Supra GRMN 2024.

If these rumors are true, this could be the fastest factory-spec GRMN Supra to date.

The BestCarWeb portal publishes unofficial renderings of the future Toyota Supra GRMN: with a high degree of probability, the sports car will receive a different “tail,” a stiffer and lowered suspension and will differ from the regular Supra in sharper steering and lighter weight.

Insiders suggest that the premiere of the powerful Supra GRMN will take place in the fall of this year, although the same BestCarWeb previously named a completely different date — 2020.

Toyota Supra GRMN 2024.

Meanwhile, the current fifth generation Toyota Supra has been on the market since 2019 and will remain in service until at least 2025.

Starting with the sixth generation, which will debut in 2026, the sports car will become fully electric.

But before this happens, the Toyota Supra will celebrate an anniversary — in 2024 the model will turn 45 years old.

Let us remind you that the current version of the car is based on the same platform as the BMW Z4.

This “kinship,” according to insiders, opens up many opportunities for modernizing the Japanese sports car.

Toyota Supra GRMN 2024.

In particular, the GRMN version could receive a 3-liter twin-turbocharged engine, which the Bavarian company uses in the “charged” M4 CSL.

The maximum output of this unit reaches 543 hp. with a torque of 650 N*m.

If such an engine is installed, Japanese engineers will transfer the sports car to a stiffer and lower suspension.

In addition to this, the car will receive new brakes and steering. According to rumors, the official presentation of the Japanese new product will take place in the fall.

Toyota Supra GRMN 2024.

For this memorable date, the Japanese company has prepared a special version of the 45th Anniversary Edition, which will be exclusive to the US market.

A total of 900 copies of the sports car will be produced, featuring expanded equipment and special decor, reminiscent of cars from the era of the 90s of the last century. Sales of the GR Supra 45th Anniversary will begin in the fall.


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