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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020 — compact version of the Teramont crossover.
The German brand clearly feels a lack of crossovers in its model line, so in 2020, the converted Atlas SUV, which is sold in Russia under the name Teramont, will enter the US market. The Volkswagen guys made it more aggressive, redefined the interior and added Cross Sport to the name.

The purpose of the release is indicated quite clearly — the novelty will occupy a niche between Tiguan and the 7-seater Atlas. What eventually happened, see below.


Volkswagen Cross Sport is equipped with the same engines as the donor.
1. On board a 2-liter four-cylinder engine with 238 hp at 350 Hm with turbine support.
2. 3.6-liter aspirated with six cylinders at 280 hp at 360 Hm.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020

There will be no choice on the transmission — only an 8-speed automatic.
There is no information on dynamic indicators yet, but it is clear that the lighter crossover will accelerate faster than its heavy donor, which squeezed a hundredth in a 3.6-liter unit in 7.9 seconds.

The new body has introduced several changes to the list of on-board functions. Cross Sport received a blind spot control system, autonomous ABS and a new adaptive cruise control.

The complete set with an aspirated is additionally equipped with a towing package with a calculation of up to 2270 kg. It is worth noting that the new cross-coupe will be sold in 8 trim levels. The drive as usual will be front in the base and full in more expensive options.

In addition, it is reported that the shortened Atlases will receive a new Car-Net system from Volkswagen, which displays the status of all the main components of the car on the smartphone screen through a proprietary application.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020


Visually Atlas Cross Sport remained similar to its donor, but the dimensions have changed. Trimmed not so much, but still. Now the length is 4966 mm (cut 71 mm), due to the lower clearance, the height has become 58 mm less — 1720 mm.

But the wheelbase and width remained in place, still the platform is the same as it was — 2980 mm and 1979 mm, respectively.

At the same time, the front part of the “trim” was not affected. Only the feed changed, where the main volume of the trunk was sacrificed and a different corner of the roof was made.

In terms of stylistic moments, the front also acquired a slightly different design. Indeed, unlike the usual Atlas, Cross Sport was engaged in the development of the Cross Division, which, incidentally, puts its own unique logo on cars.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020

On the front tried without any extra elements. The basic design of the Atlas was unnecessarily cluttered. Here, remove all unnecessary, while leaving all recognizable features.

Cross Sport received LED optics with two cells, a two-layer radiator grill, where the mesh hides in the depths, and chrome protrudes the entire width forward. Bottom of the tradition is the second block, consisting of C-shaped air intakes and a central diffuser. That’s all.

On the side you can note the already mentioned changed roof angle, a new corporate design of the rims and the changed geometry of the wheel arches. There is more chrome behind.

The dimensions left alone are emphasized by the chrome trim, the bumper received a red strip of brake lights and even more chrome, which even outlined the built-in exhaust tips. In the middle, you can note the niche from which the towbar peeks.


Changes in the interior are also enough.
1. Firstly, it was necessary to justify the word “Sport” in the name, so that the interior is presented in double colors. While it is known about the combination of black and red.
2. Secondly, the location of the seats has changed. With it for the better. Although the body became shorter, there was more space due to the lack of a third row and a reduced luggage compartment. Now the trunk holds 1141 liters, instead of 2203 donors.

Changes also affected the architecture of door cards, the design of a virtual tidy and the shape of the steering wheel. The rest is unchanged. The same sports seats, a massive armrest in front and the same folding rear, interestingly designed ventilation and climate control grilles.

In addition, a panoramic roof (optional) is already available as standard on the Atlas Cross Sport.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020

Price and sales start date

At the moment, Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020 is planned to be assembled exclusively for the US market. Production facilities are also located in the United States.

Our motorists should rather expect the Asian version of Teramont, which is sold in the Chinese market, but this option is unlikely in the current conditions.

American customers will receive a coupe-like Atlas at a price of 1.65 million rubles. True, the dealership will only get the new product in the middle of the year. The Germans will still set up the assembly line until mid-spring.

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