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Audi A1 Allstreet 2022.

Audi A1 Allstreet 2022.

Audi A1 Allstreet 2022.

The Audi A1 Allstreet cross-hatchback has introduced a new name.

Audi has announced the renaming of its most compact crossover model.

The elevated Audi A1 Citycarver hatchback, which debuted three years ago, will henceforth be called the Audi A1 Allstreet.

The car itself has not changed: it is still five-door «one» with increased ground clearance by 40 mm, original bumpers, plastic dodger around the circle and other small decor.

Only nameplates are new. In Germany the Audi A1 Allstreet costs from 23200 euros.

The company does not name the reason of renaming. Probably Audi had some patent disputes because of the name Citycarver.

But it’s more likely that marketers simply decided to bring names of cross versions to the same style: compact models with front drive have prefix Allstreet and bigger all-wheel drive cars have prefix Allroad.

In fact, originally the name Allroad didn’t go to the A1 just because of the lack of all-wheel drive.

Audi A1 Allstreet 2022.

Besides, soon the similar version should appear in the senior hatchback Audi A3: prototypes with increased ground clearance have already been noticed on tests.

Meanwhile, a new options package Black Optics Pro is offered for Audi A4 Allroad.

It includes an expanded set of black elements: this color painted mirror housings, edging side windows, roof rails, exhaust pipes and more. This package can be ordered for 775 euros.

Audi came up with a new name for the cross-version A1 Now the novelty will be sold under the name A1 Allstreet.

In the summer of 2019, the all-road version A1 Sportback debuted — then it received the prefix Citycarver in the name.

Audi A1 Allstreet 2022.

Now the German brand decided to give the model a new name, and the Citycarver was replaced by the more euphonious Allstreet.

Only the name has changed, all other details remain the same: plastic dodgers around the wheel, increased ground clearance and engines with a capacity from 95 to 150 horsepower.

In Europe, such a car costs 23.2 thousand euros (about 1.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

A1 Allstreet — it’s still a 5-door «one» with an increased clearance of 40 millimeters, other bumpers, plastic trim and some differences in decor (two slots instead of three under the hood edge). In other words, Audi limited itself to the replacement of the nameplates.

Audi A1 Allstreet 2022.

In an official statement about renaming the model, the company does not specify the reason for this decision, but a number of foreign media suggests that the manufacturer may have had problems with the trademark.

In addition, the brand already has a line of allroaders Allroad, so the name Allstreet looks more logical.

However, the A1 Allstreet will not hold in the market long, because the current generation will be the last one for the «one».

Audi A1 Allstreet 2022.

Earlier the head of Audi Markus Dussmann said in an interview to Automotive News that the model will be removed from assembly line with introduction of more rigid ecological standard Euro-7, which will start to operate tentatively after 2025.

The matter is that completion of power-units taking into account new norms demands big investments, and it will affect final cost of the automobile anyway.

And for the most accessible model in Audi’s lineup, this surcharge will become critical.


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