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Audi Q3 2021.

Audi Q3 2021.

Audi Q3 2021.

Audi Q3 2021: a new version of the premium SUV.
According to leading experts, the premium Audi Q3 2021 car effectively combines all the advantages of a crossover body layout, current developments in electronic and technical equipment, and a nominal level of road safety.

The new model meets the needs of motorists of all ages, including financially secure youth, married couples and active pensioners. In the second generation, the SUV crossover, modernized in many directions, differs from its predecessor.


Despite its compact size, the new crossover body demonstrates the features of the characteristic corporate identity and exclusive layout and design solutions. To a greater extent, the restyling affected the updating of the front side of the case. In stock:

• nominal aerodynamic slope and bonnet ribbed side profiles;

• massive octagonal perimeter and vertical slats of a large-format radiator grille;

• complex configuration of running lights built into angular blocks of LED optics.

Audi Q3 2021.

In the configuration of the lower sector of the front, attention is drawn to the curly contours of the air diffusers with integrated fog lamps, the compact format of the ventilation duct mesh and the protruding profile of the small-sized metal body kit.

• The premium five-door Audi Q3 2021 looks stylish and very presentable from the side view. In sight: an energetic and balanced streamlined body contour with a sloping roof, silver roof rails, modern convertible mirrors, an expressive contrast between the silver frame and gloss black window pillars.

• The lower part of the body attracts attention with spacious wheel arches and exclusive design of wheels with an outer diameter of 17 to 20 inches.

• The parts list for the off-road linkage includes short overhangs, high ground clearance and a protective «skirt» made of elastic plastic located on the lower perimeter of the body.

The rear side of the body includes the classic standards of a crossover layout. Already in the second generation, the new model range offers a steep slope of the glazing shaded by a spoiler, a vertical plane of the embossed tailgate, a set of combined headlights decorated in the style of head optics.

There are also no noticeable changes in the design of the lower segment. In the area of ​​attention has become a traditional set of fog lamps and a protective panel of a plastic body kit with two cutouts for large-caliber sports exhaust.

Audi Q3 2021.

The surroundings of the aft hull are harmoniously complemented by decorative chrome elements, as well as numerous stepped and wave reliefs.


The premium class of the new crossover can be seen in the quality and quantity of materials in the interior trim range. The interior of the five-seater saloon demonstrates:

modern expensive and at the same time strict design style;
ergonomic layout of controls;
a really high level of seating comfort.

In the basic configuration of the front panel, there are no arrow and other analog dials. The necessary information is presented to the display of the multi-mode instrument cluster.

The touch functionality of the center console’s 12-inch media command display is responsible for activating and quickly setting up on-board options.

The elements of the climate control system settings are placed on a separate console of the lower tier of the dashboard.

The tunnel provides easy access to the transmission joystick, travel mode switches, cup holders and other organizers. The design is completed by a soft armrest, which simultaneously combines the function of the lid of the built-in mini-refrigerator.

Audi Q3 2021.

• Front seats with full lateral support and several adjustment ranges are equipped with ventilation and seat heating circuits.

• The three-seater sofa status is conditional, as indicated by a narrow center seat with a folding armrest and a high end of the floor tunnel.

• A limited range of services compensates for the backrest tilt and the possibility of longitudinal movement up to 15 cm.

The body offers a spacious luggage compartment, which, with the help of a simple transformation of the rear seats, increases from 520 liters to 1525 liters.


The outer dimensions of the second generation Audi Q3 have been edited in the L-W-H ratios: 4485 x 1856 and 1585 mm.

The stability of the running and off-road potential is ensured by the length of the center base of 2680 and the clearance height of 170 mm.

The undercarriage, adapted to the features of the MQB platform, is equipped with a combined McPherson and link suspension with built-in stabilizers, disc brakes and electronically controlled safety systems.

• The manufacturer equips new crossovers with gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 1.5 to 2 liters, 150, 190, 230 hp, working in a productive tandem with a 6-speed manual transmission or 7-band front-wheel drive transmission of the S-tronic series.

Audi Q3 2021.

• Multidisciplinary test drive has confirmed the starting dynamics rated for each drive, maximum speed and economical fuel consumption. Control test data will be published shortly.

Options and prices

In Europe, the Audi Q3 2021 is promised in several modifications, with different drive options and component options. The starting price of the base model in ruble terms starts at two million.


The new Audi Q3 2021 model year will receive a list of real competitors expanded to 30 names. In the first lines of the class models BMW X3, Volvo XC60, Lexus RX, Range Rover Evoque and Infiniti QX30.

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