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Audi A6 2021.

Audi A6 2021.

Audi A6 2021.

Audi A6 2021: a powerful business sedan.
It is no longer surprising that Audi updates its cars quite often. This is due to the constant competition between the companies of the big German three.

As soon as someone steps forward, other brands try to do something even cooler. Thus, a representative of the business class, the A6, has recently received its restyling.

The new model is even closer in many respects to the premium — A8. Audi A6 2021 looks both aggressive and solid at the same time, which attracts both those who like to drive themselves and those who want to ride only in the back seat to it.

That is why the car can also boast of a high level of comfort thanks to good finishing and interior equipment. Naturally, the characteristics of the car will also undergo some changes.


Like all representatives of the Audi brand, a lot of attention is devoted here to the design of the car. The company’s specialists managed to create an excellent hybrid of solidity and aggressiveness, thanks to which the new body will appeal to drivers of all ages.

As you can see in the photo, the car is quite large in size and includes a bunch of both branded decorations and completely new solutions created specifically for this sedan.

Audi A6 2021.

The most aggressive look is the face of the car. It is long, low-slung and tilted. All this has a positive effect on visibility for the driver, and on aerodynamics, and on the overall appearance.

The design of the muzzle begins with a large hood, which boasts a slight rounding towards the end, as well as several thin stripes protruding slightly outward and located along the lid. In the very center of the bumper is the Audi branded air intake.

It takes up a lot of space and also takes on a polygonal shape. The grille will be decorated with a bunch of chrome details, which include a thin perimeter, horizontal lines inside that form a grid, as well as the Audi brand badge itself.

Also here you can see the site for installing the license plate. A lot of aggression in the appearance of the sedan is brought by the head optics, which take on an interesting shape and are filled with both LED and laser lights, depending on the vehicle configuration.

The body kit, which does not take up very much space, also looks menacing here. On it you can see several more air intake grilles, which are separated from each other by body strips. The remaining space is reserved here for relief transitions in height.

Audi A6 2021.

If the car looks more aggressive from the front, then from the side it already takes on a solid look. The main decoration here are the windows, assembled in a semicircle, which is framed by a thin chrome line, and inside it is divided into parts by racks having a black glossy color.

Also from above you can see stylish rear-view mirrors, which have a triangular shape and are always equipped with additional turn signals.

On the main part of the body there is only a little undulating relief, thanks to which the solid appearance is emphasized, as well as chrome door handles. Below you can see slightly inflated wheel arches and slightly protruding sills.

But in the back, the car combines just the same aggression and solidity. This part of the car is notable for its short length and high seating position, as well as the presence of a heap of both useful and decorative elements.

It all starts here with a short trunk lid, at the end of which you can see a small protrusion. Next is the main part of the door, which includes triangular marker signals connected by a chrome strip, a bunch of chrome nameplates, relief transitions in height and a recess for the license plate.

The slightly protruding body kit also looks stylish. It includes fog lights, a small metal diffuser, and a pair of fake tailpipes framed by a chrome line. Now the exhaust is located under the body.

Audi A6 2021.


The car also approached the A8 in terms of interior decoration. The new Audi A6 2021 model year will always get off with good natural leather, metals, Alcantara and wood.

The car will get a modern multimedia complex, which contains countless options that greatly increase the level of comfort.

The dashboard of the car does not contain anything superfluous at all. It is slightly turned towards the driver and includes a row of deflectors, as well as a pair of touch monitors.

The first is responsible for setting options that affect driving and entertainment, while the second is for climate functions.

Audi A6 2021.

Then the console smoothly goes into a tunnel, consisting of a small technical panel, covered with a curtain cup holders with the function of heating or cooling the contents, as well as an armrest, inside which there will always be a cooled glove compartment.

The car can comfortably accommodate five people. Each seat here is trimmed with natural leather and is equipped with options such as heating, ventilation, side support, position adjustment using electric drives, and tiltable headrests.

For the second row, there is a separate climate control, the ability to install multimedia monitors and a folding armrest with holes for glasses.


The 2021 Audi A6 will be powered by two or three liter engines. The first can only be gasoline, and its power is 245 forces. The second, on diesel fuel, boasts a return of 286 horses, and on gasoline — 340 forces. All variants work in tandem with an eight-speed automatic that distributes forces evenly to each wheel.

Options and prices

In the minimum version, the car will cost the buyer 3.3 million rubles. The price of the top-end configuration is 1.5 million more expensive.

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