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New Acura MDX 2021.

New Acura MDX 2021.

New Acura MDX 2021.

Acura MDX 2021: American standards for Japanese premium crossover.
At the annual US auto show, the prototype of the Acura MDX 2021 crossover is officially presented.

According to reports, the manufacturer intends to launch the novelty into mass production without significant changes. The new model can claim the status of the brand’s flagship, since the company does not plan to restyle the predecessor of the series, Acura RLX.

In the new version, the premium crossover has got a trolley copied from the TLX sedan, a more comfortable transverse-link suspension, the model also demonstrates the premium characteristics of modern electronic equipment.

In the design properties of the new items: modified dimensions, an extended wheelbase and off-road (aluminum composite) wheels with a diameter of up to 21 inches.


The layout of the new generation crossover harmoniously combines the characteristic features of a business and dynamic sports style. The most striking and expressive Acura MDX model 2021 is designed from the front view. Front end design includes:

New Acura MDX 2021.

• black glossy contour and sporty slope of the windscreen;

• longitudinal profiles and stepped sides of the hood;

• compact angular blocks of front LED optics with bright stripes of running lights;

• decorative chrome plating of the logo and the perimeter of the pentagonal radiator grille;

• wedge-shaped bumper configuration and vertical arrangement of side ventilation diffusers.

In the configuration of the lower part, attention is drawn to the racing format of the lower duct, a pair of fog lamps shaded by decorative overlays and a small-sized metal-plastic body kit.

Due to the large number of details of the ribbed relief of the Acura MDX 2021 in the advertising photos in the front projection, it looks stylish, expressive, although somewhat aggressive.

New Acura MDX 2021.

In relation to crossover SUVs of other brands, the profile of the flagship crossover is more elegant and presentable. In sight:

• aerodynamic contour of the flat roof;

• arched shape and silvery perimeter of the side window extended to the massive rear pillars;

• oval mirrors with integrated turn signals;

• decorative and protective sill strip and plastic skirt of the lower body trim, typical for SUVs.

From the rear, the new body shows a typical crossover design. In the area of ​​attention is the spoiler lip, the oval configuration of the sloping glass and the vertical plane of the cross-relief tailgate.

Fog optics, a protective body kit and two large-caliber tailpipes are standard on the bumper. The aft entourage is somewhat enlivened by the original interpretation and graphics of the lanterns, the correct ratio of decorative chrome plating and stepped reliefs.


Three-row, the most comfortable for its price segment, the interior of the crossover is trimmed with perforated Milano leather, inserts of rare wood and polished metal. The new model features a highly informative virtual instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch diagonal of the media command display.

The design features of the technical and electronic equipment of the passenger compartment: additional functionality of the multifunction steering wheel, a large-format touchpad for sensory activation of component options and rich equipment of the tunnel adjacent to the dash.

New Acura MDX 2021.

It includes:

• technical platform with a compact transmission joystick and touch-sensitive command buttons;

• cup holders and an extended list of organizers.

The construction of the tunnel ends with a soft armrest, which also serves as a sealed cover for the refrigerating chamber.

The composition and performance of the on-board electronics of the crossover fully comply with premium regulations and standards.

The boarding and road service of pilot seats offers 16 adjustment ranges, heated and ventilated seats, as well as several vibration massage modes.

Superbly profiled and ergonomic second and third row seats are equipped with reclining backrests, air deflectors and an armrest with heated cup holders.

The useful volume of the luggage compartment is 447 liters. The simplified rear row transformation allows the figure to be increased to 2308 liters.


The change in the generation of the Acura MDX 2021 crossover affected the change in its body dimensions, respectively 5 054 x 1 996 and 1690 mm. In particular, the platform is more rigid and resistant to deformation loads:

New Acura MDX 2021.

• transverse arrangement of the engine;

• fully independent spring-lever chassis suspension with a base of 2 896 mm;

• a complete set of disc brakes, running stabilizers and active safety devices.

The base model will receive a power unit from a 3.5-liter gasoline aspirated 294 hp / 362 Nm and a new 10-band front-wheel drive transmission with combined push-button and petal control.

All-wheel drive is promised in a top-end configuration with a more powerful (360 hp) engine and revised suspension with Brembo brakes.

The test drive was implemented for all profiles, but its results will be announced after the data is processed.

Options and prices

Initially, the new 2021 Acura MDX is promised in Techno and Advance versions. The price of the basic and top-end versions in ruble terms starts from 3.4 and 3.8 million, respectively.

Competing models

In the status of real rivals, there are similar class analogues not lower than Cadillac XT6, Mazda CX-8, Nissan Pathfinder, Volkswagen Teramont or Infiniti QX50. With a significant difference in cost, the characteristics of many competitors are almost identical.

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