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BMW X1 U11 2023.

BMW X1 U11 2023.

BMW X1 U11 2023.

BMW X1 (U11): the Bavarians have officially presented the third generation crossover.

At the end of May 22, the world premiere of the compact crossover BMW X1 of the new (third by the account) generation in the U11 body took place.

From the front and from the side, the model now is in many respects similar to its big brothers — X3 and X5. In particular, it got similar headlights with inverted L-shaped headlights.

«Nostrils» of a radiator grill at the all-roader became appreciably bigger and have almost square rectangular shape. However, they are still far from ginormous size (as on the X7).

The model is characterized by recessed door handles and a long roof line, ending with a noticeable spoiler.

It is reported that its aerodynamic drag coefficient Cx is 0.26 (it was 0.28).

Bavarians have already prepared two styling kits for the car. The first one is called «xLine» and it includes black plates around the perimeter of the body, which make the appearance of a car more off-road.

The second is called «M Sport» and implies installation of more aggressive bumpers and overlays.

BMW X1 U11 2023.

Germans also expanded the color palette of the model, adding such shades as blue «Blue Bay Lagoon», green «Cape York Green», orange «Utah Orange», silver «Space Silver» and gray «Frozen Pure Grey», with the latter taken from the line BMW Individual.

In the base the car is delivered on 17-inch wheels, but if you want, customers can order even rollers on 20″ (previously the maximum was 19″).

Plus adaptive matrix headlights are available for a surcharge instead of the basic LED ones.

As for the interior, the crossover got a single panel without a visor, which houses a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel and 10.7-inch touchscreen multimedia system iDrive, which runs on the operating system BMW OS 8 (as in the older models).

BMW X1 U11 2023.

The car also has a projection display, but the number of physical buttons is reduced to a minimum.

For example, the climate control is controlled from the multimedia screen.

Germans placed a miniature transmission selector on the central armrest, as well as emergency and parking brake buttons.

There is no usual central console in the car — in its place there is a niche for mobile gadgets.

Among other equipment it is worth noting the cabin camera. This lens monitors the state of the driver, but if necessary, you can use it for entertainment (for example, take selfies and send the picture to your smartphone).

The new BMW X1 (U11) is still based on the front-wheel drive platform UKL with the transverse arrangement of the engine.

The chassis design implies McPherson struts in front and independent rear suspension on three arms.

With the change of generations the most compact crossover of the Bavarian brand became a bit bigger.

BMW X1 U11 2023.

Now it reaches a length of 4,500 mm (+ 53), width — 1,845 mm (+ 23), and height — 1,642 mm (+ 44).

Wheelbase of the car reaches 2 692 mm (+ 23). In turn, its track was widened by 31 mm: to 1 592 mm in the front, and to 1 593 mm in the back.

The car became a little heavier: curb weight of the base version is 1,500 kg (+ 65). And this despite the fact that the Bavarians reduced the fuel tank’s capacity to 45 liters (- 6).

The new item’s trunk space depends on the specific modification. So, for front-wheel drive petrol or diesel models, it varies in the range from 540 to 1,600 liters, and for all-wheel drive models — from 500 to 1,545 liters.

In full hybrid modifications the range is even more modest — from 490 up to 1,495 liters.

Besides, it is impossible to order longitudinal adjustment of the second row of seats for such vehicles, which allows moving a sofa back and forth within 130 mm.

BMW X1 U11 2023.

At the same time the novelty is noticeably increased clearance — up to 205 mm (+22), although the cars with the optional M-suspension, which includes adaptive shock absorbers — it reaches 190 mm.

On the market, the new X1 debuts in four versions. The base sDrive18i version has a 1.5-liter turbo with 136 horsepower (230 Nm).

The next version is sDrive18d with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel with 150 hp (360 Nm). These cars have front-wheel drive.

All-wheel drive versions are equipped with 2.0-liter engine, which are completed with a 48-volt starter-generator.

The latter is located under the trunk floor and is able to produce 19 hp and 55 Nm in the first seconds of acceleration.

Exactly the petrol version xDrive23i has an engine with 204 hp and 320 Nm.

Taking into account a starter-generator, its output reaches 218 hp. Well, on a diesel modification the engine produces 197 hp (400 Nm), but with a hybrid addition it makes 211 «horsepower».

All these cars are equipped with seven-band robot with two clutches, but the Germans refused mechanics.

In the future we should expect the appearance of full-fledged rechargeable hybrids with the installation on the basis of 1.5-liter gasoline turbo and electric motor installed on the rear axis.

Two gasoline-electric versions have been announced, and they differ from each other in the capacity of the power units.

Thus, on the xDrive25e variant, the petrol engine produces 136 hp, and the electric one — 109 hp.

Peak output is 245 hp (477 Nm). In xDrive30e version gasoline and electric motors develop 150 and 177 hp, respectively, and the total capacity is claimed to be 326 hp and 477 Nm of torque.

Thanks to this, the car is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.

When activating the electric preset, the maximum speed of hybrids is limited to 140 km/h. Their battery capacity is not disclosed, but they are supposedly able to travel up to 89 km without recharging.

In addition, a fully electric version — iX1 — has been announced for the new model.

It has a number of unique features, including a modified appearance.

Produce a new X1 Bavarians will continue to be at the plant in Regensburg, Germany.

At dealers first crossovers should appear in October of the twenty-second, although full hybrids and electric cars will have to wait. There is no information about prices.


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