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Mercedes-AMG One 2023.

Mercedes-AMG One 2023.

Mercedes-AMG One 2023.

Mercedes-AMG One: production hypercar with Formula 1 technologies is presented.

The Germans have officially unveiled the long-awaited Mercedes-AMG One production hypercar.

The two-door was in development for many years and its release was postponed several times because of various problems of technical nature.

The production model has the most streamlined appearance and a number of active aerodynamic components.

For example, it has an extendable front splitter and opening «gills» on the fenders, which help to better evacuate air from the wheel arches.

In turn, the stern of the new Mercedes-AMG One has an antifender with a retractable section on its working plane.

Such fins start to generate additional downforce already at 50 km/h.

The car is also equipped with lightweight magnesium wheels with a central nut fastening and carbon ceramic brakes.

The cockpit of the German hypercar has two seats and carbon fiber is widely used in its design.

Mercedes-AMG One 2023.

Driver and passenger seats are integrated into the body panels, but have adjustable angle of recline (unlike a racing car). The car also has adjustable steering column and pedal assembly.

The driver has two customizable 10.0-inch screen, but there are no rearview mirrors: instead there is another screen, which displays the picture from the rearview camera.

Other equipment includes air conditioning and power windows.

Mercedes-AMG One is built on the basis of carbon fiber monocoque, and the engine and gearbox here also perform a load-bearing function (suspension levers are fixed to their crankcases).

Two-door laid five-lever suspension, shock absorbers which are mounted on the body and connected to the suspension arms push rods (push-rod).

The same running gear design is on the 2016 W07 Hybrid race car, but no more.

Mercedes-AMG One 2023.

For example, the road model has aluminum suspension arms instead of carbon fiber, and the usual cylindrical springs are used as elastic elements (on the formula car — torsions).

Shock absorbers on the hypercar adjustable, due to what its «nose» can be lifted to pass bumps in the road (for example, «lying policemen»).

The main feature of the Mercedes-AMG One is a hybrid power unit with Formula 1 technologies.

It took Germans four years to adapt it to road hypercar.

The installation itself consists of a 1.6-liter turbo six, borrowed directly from the aforementioned racing car.

It retained the pneumatic valve and gear drive. The boost pressure remains at 3.5 bar.

At the same time, the engine received a number of new components (e.g. pistons and connecting rods), as well as everything necessary to clean the exhaust gases.

There are four metal and two ceramic neutralizers, as well as two particulate filters.

Mercedes-AMG One 2023.

Due to this the car meets Euro 6 environmental standard.

It is reported that finalized in such a way «turbo six» is capable to develop 574 hp and accelerate up to 11,000 rpm, though cutoff at formula bolide was even higher — 15,000 rpm. It is possible to fill the car with АI-98.

Also four electric motors are included into the hybrid unit.

Two of them are mounted directly on V6: one develops 122 hp and is designed to crank the turbocharger impeller up to 100,000 rpm.

The second electric motor is placed on the crankshaft (via a pinion gear) and produces 163 hp. — It helps rotate the wheels.

During braking, both units operate in regeneration mode and generate electricity.

The other two electric motors are installed directly on the front axle.

They develop 163 hp each and are able to spin up to 50,000 rpm.

Each of them is responsible for rotation of a separate wheel. Such a solution allowed to control the traction vector.

Mercedes-AMG One 2023.

The engine works directly in conjunction with the original seven-band robot with a ceramic clutch (consisting of four disks) and a hydraulic gearshift drive.

In this case the box has a built-in self-locking rear differential. The maximum power at the rear wheels reaches 737 «horses».

As for the total performance of the whole plant, it is declared at the level of 1,063 hp, and only with fully charged batteries.

In the curb weight of the two-door weights 1,695 kg and can acceleration from a place up to a hundred in 2.9 seconds.

For acceleration from 0-200 km/h it needs 7.0 seconds, and from 0-300 km/h — 15.6 seconds.

The maximum speed of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar is claimed at 352 km/h. By the way, during the development the Germans promised much more impressive dynamics.

As for the batteries put in the hybrid supercar, a pair of units are placed in the floor behind the front axle.

Their capacity is only 8.4 kWh, but they work with a voltage of 800 volts, and boast a high level of energy exchange and the presence of a liquid thermoregulation system.

On electricity alone AMG One can drive only 18 km. By the way, during this time just warm up the mentioned neutralizers, necessary for the ecological work of the internal combustion engine.

There is a modest 3.7 kWh AC charger, so you can replenish the batteries from an ordinary outlet.

In addition to the Race Safe electric mode, the car has Race, Race Plus and Strat 2 presets, with the latter two leveraging active aerodynamics components and lowering the suspension by 37 and 30 mm at the front and rear respectively.

The two-door has ABS, traction control system with nine presets and a stabilization system.

The last one can be switched off completely or put into tolerant mode Sport Handling.

The Germans promise to show the Mercedes-AMG One «live» at the June Festival of Speed at Goodwood 2022.

In the future, only 275 copies of the model will be built.

It will be sold out five years ago for 2.7 million euros each (185.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Shipment of the first cars to customers will begin before the end of the twenty-second.


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