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Changan Uni-V 2024.

Changan Uni-V 2024.

Changan Uni-V 2024.

The updated Changan Uni-V has gone on sale: not the version that was expected.

«Traditional» five-door after restyling lost the top motor, while the hybrid will have a new installation.

Modernized Changan Uni-V liftback was announced in February, and now in China the sales have been launched.

Curiously, the manufacturer itself has previously promoted a hybrid model, but the first to market is a purely gasoline five-door: the electrified version will reach local dealers later.

Recall, Uni-V in the company’s range appeared in 2022, in Russia it is legally present since 2023 — and only in the «traditional» modification.

The liftback has received a new front bumper, the top version «for sport» now has rectangular twin exhaust pipes instead of oval.

Changan Uni-V has retained a frameless radiator grille, but it now has not «strokes», but a lot of small triangles.

Changan Uni-V 2024.

As before, the five-door has a retractable spoiler. The length of the model has grown by 40 mm to 4720 mm, wheelbase has not changed — 2750 mm.

By the way, the hybrid, which in China is presented under a separate brand Qiyuan, has a similar design: such five-door car has an index A06.

In the interior, only decor and materials of trim have become different. In the base there are LED optics, 18-inch wheels, the same spoiler, virtual dashboard and multimedia system, climate control, cameras of circular vision, adaptive cruise control, auto-braking and lane keeping systems.

Changan Uni-V 2024.

The top-end Uni-V also features an auto-parking system, wireless charging, heated and ventilated driver’s seat, «memory» of seat settings, face recognition and blind spot monitoring systems.

In China, the liftback was deprived of 233-horsepower turbo engine 2.0 and a classic eight-speed automatic (in the Russian Federation this pair was not available).

Now Changan Uni-V is available only with a turbo-four 1.5 with an output of 188 hp (the Russian version of the motor produces 181 hp) in combination with a seven-speed robotized box with two clutches.

Changan Uni-V 2024.

Note, the hybrid will have a new installation — based on the atmospheric 1.5 (110 hp), while the pre-reform petrol-electric liftback is assigned a turbo motor of similar volume (170 hp).
Drive in either case is only front-wheel drive.

In the home market, the modernized Changan Uni-V is available in four configurations, and the prices of three of them have not changed: 108,900 — 123,900 yuan (about 1.39 million — 1.59 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Changan Uni-V 2024.

And the top version has become more affordable (meaning the model with 1.5T) — now 124 900 instead of 131 900 yuan (1.6 million and 1.69 million rubles respectively).

There is no information yet about when the updated liftback will appear in Russia. The pre-reformed Uni-V here today costs from 2,859,900 rubles (excluding promotions).


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