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Exeed Exlantix E03 2024.

Exeed Exlantix E03 2024.

Exeed Exlantix E03 2024.

It is expected that before the end of 2023, the Exeed Exlantix E03 electric sedan will appear.

This is a new model that has not even started selling in China yet. It is comparable in size and format to the popular Tesla Model S or BYD Han.

Recall that in the spring of 2023, Chery’s subsidiary, the Exeed brand, has a new sub-brand, Exlantix, under which only electric vehicles will be offered.

But in native China, the sub-brand is called Sterra, and the Exlantix name is chosen for export markets.

The Exlantix E03 electric sedan will reach the Russian car market in early 2024.

Exeed made an official statement about the decision to bring its debut electric sedan to the country’s market.

Next year, the sale of the electrified Exlantix E03 sedan for the Russian Federation will begin. The novelty will be a full-size luxury sedan, the body of which is stretched in length by 4,935 mm.

In China, car enthusiasts are offered to buy a car with a battery capacity of 60, 82 or 100 kWh.

Exeed Exlantix E03 2024.

It is not yet known which version will be sold at domestic dealers.

According to the press center of the brand, the Russian audience should be attracted by high-tech equipment and the original exterior of the novelty.

The design was created by the Italian expert Pier Luigi Ferrari, who leads the design team of the Exlantix brand.

According to the project, motorists should be surprised by the unusual decision on the design of the appearance of the model. Plus, they must appreciate the highest level of technology.

Exeed Exlantix E03 2024.

The brand is a subsidiary of the Chinese luxury company Exeed. The tasks of the new representative office of the automaker include the development of high-tech electric cars.

In the arsenal of distinctive features of the Exlantix model, the developers included a range of 700 km and operational recharging in five minutes, thanks to which you can cover 150 km of track.

It is also worth mentioning the low consumption of electricity: an electric car spends only 12 kWh per 100 km.

The Exeed Exlantix E03 sedan (or Sterra ES in China) is built on the new E0X platform, which has a modern 800-volt electrical system, a fully controlled chassis and air suspension.

Exeed Exlantix E03 2024.

According to preliminary data, the range of the novelty will be in the region of 700 km.

And it will be possible to replenish the charge for 150 km in just 5 minutes (using fast charging). Acceleration to 100 km / h is expected in the region of 3 seconds.

But it is likely that these are indicators of the top modification. In the gamut, there will probably be a simpler version.

The exterior design of the Exeed Exlantix E03 is streamlined with frameless doors, retractable handles, and minimal seams and joints.

Exeed Exlantix E03 2024.

On the roof there is a lidar with an autopilot. Wheels with a diameter of 21 inches. Aerodynamic drag coefficient Cd — 0.21.

In the cabin, a minimum of analog buttons. A small instrument display is placed in front of the driver, and in the center is a large square screen of the media system, in a similar style to Tesla electric vehicles.

According to preliminary data, the new Exeed Exlantix E03 electric car will appear in Russia at the end of 2023 (or the beginning of 2024). Prices have not even been announced in China yet, but the budget novelty will definitely not turn out to be.

By the way, the Russian market already has a fully electric sedan of a similar format — Voyah Passion (cost: 8,290,000 — 9,690,000 rubles).


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