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Chevrolet Nexia 2023.

Chevrolet Nexia 2023.

Chevrolet Nexia 2023.

Chevrolet Nexia has returned to Russia: the price for the budget novelty is set at the level of the Lada Granta.

Inexpensive cars of the American brand Chevrolet are coming back to the Russian market again.

Naturally, they are being imported to the market, as well as other Western novelties, with the help of parallel import scheme.

Yesterday it became known that one of the company’s car dealerships brought to our country an inexpensive sedan Chevrolet Nexia 2023 model year.

Apparently, the sedan is made in a style that is quite familiar to Russian car enthusiasts.

The fact is that the company once already refused to sell its models in our country.

But then, after almost five years after a break, in 2020 returned to Russia the most affordable cars, including the current version of the Chevrolet Nexia.

The imported car is equipped with a 1.5-liter atmospheric engine.

The output of this unit is 106 horsepower. An automatic transmission is paired with the unit. The car also relies on a system with front-wheel drive.

Chevrolet Nexia 2023.

The list of standard features of inexpensive sedan includes: front airbags, electric power, on-board computer, power windows, electrically controlled side mirrors, and fog lights.

Specifications provide for Chevrolet Nexia R3 only 1.5-liter gasoline engine, which is available with both manual and automatic transmissions.

The new Chevrolet Nexia is based on a front-wheel drive platform with a transverse arrangement of the engine and a steel body.

Chevrolet Nexia 2023.

Suspension scheme of the budget sedan is quite standard: independent McPherson struts in the front, and the rear — the semi-independent beam.

At the same time both axles of the car are equipped with anti-roll bars.

As for the braking system, disc mechanisms are used on the front wheels, and more affordable drum brakes on the rear.

Chevrolet Nexia 2023.

Overall dimensions and dynamic performance

Chevrolet Nexia sedan has the following overall dimensions, mm

Length — 4,330
Width — 1 690
Height — 1 505
Wheelbase — 2 480
Ground clearance — 150

By default, the volume of the trunk of the model is 400 liters, but the manufacturer has provided the possibility of folding the rear seats, by which this parameter can be increased to 980 liters.

Chevrolet Nexia 2023.

The fuel tank in the car is 45-liter. The version with a manual transmission has a curb weight of 1,190 kg, and with an automatic transmission — 1,230 kg.

It is reported that the dealer requests 1.375 million rubles for the purchase of this model.

It is worth recalling that the sedan is produced in Uzbekistan, on facilities of joint venture GM-UzAuto.

That’s where the Nexia was previously supplied to our country. However, sanctions of the western countries led to the suspension of these deliveries.

Now dealers are finding options on how to bring new models independently, using the technology of parallel import.


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