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Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021.

Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021.

Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021.

Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021. Duster II crossover got a wide bodykit in DTM style for 250 000 rubles.

Crossover Dacia Duster second generation (in Russia sold under the brand name Renault) has received a wide body kit from the studio Prior Design.

The tuner decided to reconsider the appearance of the model.

He offers a wide bodykit, which gives the appearance of the stylistics of the racing car Duster of the second generation.

Installation of this body kit allows making the appearance of all-road model more sporty. It is reported that the proposed components for the car are made by combining fiberglass and Duraflex.

This material is cheap to produce and reliable enough, plus it is easy to paint.

The Duster body kit from Prior Design atelier is made of a high-quality mixture of fiberglass and Dura-Flex, which is easy to paint.

The proposed modifications are compatible with any version of the Duster crossover, starting with 2018 models. At the same time, the body panels remain unchanged.

The body kit includes widened wheel arches in the DTM style, as well as front skirt, new sills, a spoiler on the trunk lid and rear diffuser.

Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021.

The rear diffuser draws attention with two large tailpipes. The car captured in the photos also boasts a significantly lowered suspension and a set of new wheels of increased diameter with dark red brake calipers.

There are no pictures of the interior of the demo car, but you can see that the tuners installed a full safety cage in the cabin.

The cost of the package is €2,999 (250,000 rubles at current exchange rate), but the rear spoiler is an option and for it you must pay another €299 (25,000 rubles).

Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021.

But the large exhaust pipes are not included in the modification package and their cost is not advertised. Install the body kit can be installed on any version of the Renault Duster II (including the updated version), which is produced in Europe since 2018.

The company has already started accepting orders for the dodger, but how popular it will be among owners of the budget crossover is unknown.

Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021.

In official Prior Design images, the dodger is paired with an extremely lowered suspension and a new set of large-diameter wheels.

We can also see larger brakes with red calipers and a safety cage, further enhancing the look of the race car.

Dacia Duster Prior Design 2021.

In this configuration Duster will lose its off-road qualities because of the lowered ground clearance, but will attract a lot of attention.

The Prior Design tuner is already taking orders for a set or individual components for the Romanian crossover.

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