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Deus Vayanne 2025.

Deus Vayanne 2025.

Deus Vayanne 2025.

The most powerful electric hypercar in the world is shown: 2200 hp.

The Austrian Deus Vayanne will be available in 99 copies.

Austrian company Deus Automobiles unveiled in New York its debut Vayanne developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering and ItalDesign.

As it turned out, this is the most powerful electric hypercar in the world. Its power plant develops more than 2200 horsepower, allowing the car to accelerate to the first «hundred» in 1.99 seconds.

Only 99 copies of Vayanne will be produced, but the deliveries are promised to start only in 2025.

Deus Automobiles was founded in 2020, is registered in Vienna and is part of a certain group of companies with more than thirty years of experience.

Interestingly, publishing, packaging production and development of mobility ecosystems are listed among the business activities of the consortium.

Perhaps it is because of the lack of a profile background that Williams Advanced Engineering and ItalDesign were involved in the project.

Deus Vayanne 2025.

The Turin studio is indicated as a strategic and technical partner of Deus, and, most likely, it shoulders the production of small-scale hypercar.

Williams Advanced Engineering, in turn, will share its expertise in the field of lightweight technology, aerodynamics and electrification.

In any case, for the Vayanne declared weight of 1870 kilograms, acceleration to a hundred for 1.99 seconds, «maximum» 400 kilometers per hour and a range on a single charge of about 500 kilometers.

However, the main thing here is the power plant output: more than 2,200 horsepower and 2,000 Nm of torque.

Deus Vayanne 2025.

This allows the Vayanne to claim the title of the most powerful electric car in the world, because the indicators of not only the Pininfarina Battista (1900 hp), Rimac Nevera (1914 hp) and Lotus Evija (2000 hp), but also the Aspark Awl (2012 hp) are exceeded.

Even the semi-mythical Arash AF10 Hybrid (2108 hp) has less «horses», but the «Austrian» is still far from the fuel Spyros Chaos (3065 hp) and Devel Sixteen (5000 hp).

Deus expects to attract customers with design, functionality and technology.

Deus Vayanne 2025.

According to the CEO and chief stylist of the company Adrian-Philippe Butuc, the Vayanne is dictated by ideas of symmetry and infinity.

This is hinted at by the shape of the front and rear grilles, as well as the interior, where the «endless mirror» effect is widely used for the first time.

Deus Vayanne 2025.

To explain it, just look at the contour lighting around the perimeter of the cockpit: it creates the illusion of three-dimensionality, almost like the drawing of the lights on the Lexus LC.

Orders for Vayanne are already open, but deliveries are promised only in 2025. A total of 99 cars will be produced.

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