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Dodge Challenger 2022.

Dodge Challenger 2022.

Dodge Challenger 2022.

Dodge Challenger 2022. The next generation Dodge Challenger may get a completely new engine: its development is already underway.

Back in October of this year, rumors surfaced on the Web that the Stellantis concern may be working on a new 2.9-liter inline six-cylinder engine to keep it acceptable for global markets.

A new report indicates that a beefed-up version of this powertrain could end up under the hood of the next generation Dodge Challenger.

What’s interesting, the future of this car is as mysterious as this alleged engine.

Dodge Challenger 2022.

We should separately note that while all this information is at the level of rumors.

Anonymous sources report that the new GME T6 inline six-cylinder engine will replace the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 in the next-generation Challenger.

In fact, the report says that this sports car from Dodge will be the first model to be equipped with this motor.

Dodge Challenger 2022.

If it is indeed a replacement for the Hemi, that means it will have a marginal output of between 350 and 400 horsepower.

For reference, the Challenger’s current 5.7-liter V8 generates 375 horsepower.

If the manufacturer does put the new 3.0-liter unit under the hood of the car, it means its forced induction.

Dodge Challenger 2022.

In this case, it is impossible not to make a comparison with the BMW six-cylinder engine, which develops 503 hp in a number of modifications.

It means that the manufacturer can equip different variations of the Challenger with this motor: from standard to «charged» ones.

Dodge Challenger 2022.

Moreover, the charged ones are in high demand among motorists nowadays.

We would like to point out that the Dodge’s representatives have not yet officially confirmed this information.

At the moment, there is not even any data on the Challenger of the next generation, including the timing of its debut at the market.

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