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Dongfeng ix7 2023.

Dongfeng ix7 2023.

Dongfeng ix7 2023.

NaAvtotrasse named the advantages of the new Dongfeng ix7 crossover.

Kaliningrad Avtotor has released a test batch of the new Chinese crossover Dongfeng ix7. Soon, serial assembly of SUVs will be established within the walls of this enterprise.

On the domestic market, the Dongfeng ix7 crossover costs about 1.6 million rubles, if we translate it into our money.

An all-wheel drive crossover with a 2-liter 231-horsepower turbo engine and 6 automatic transmission will cost this amount. This SUV was produced by Avtotor.

Dealers in Russia Dongfeng ix7, of course, will cost more. Approximately, a little more than 3 million, auto experts predict.

The advantages of the new product include a turbo engine that can easily “digest” the AI-92. This will make car maintenance noticeably cheaper.

And the Chinese SUV has almost no equivalent competitors in its category. According to the list of available equipment, the model can compete with the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Dongfeng ix7 options include a head-up display, a pair of 12.3-inch screens, adaptive cruise control, climate control, eco-leather seats and Pioneer acoustics.

Dongfeng ix7 2023.

Another plus of the seven-seater SUV is its Russian assembly. This means that the model will most likely be adapted to our climate and roads.

In China, the owners of this model also praise it for its excellent steering and suspension — it is moderately rigid and well levels out many irregularities.

NaAvtotrasse named the pros and cons of the new Dongfeng ix7 crossover.

Dongfeng ix7 2023.

The other day it became known that a test batch of the new Dongfeng ix7 crossover was assembled at the Kaliningrad automobile plant.

In the near future, the company plans to launch serial production of the car.

At home, the crossover is valued at the equivalent of 1.6 million rubles.

For this money you can buy all-wheel drive, a 2-liter 231-horsepower turbo engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

That is, Avtotor has launched the production of a crossover with excellent characteristics for its price.

In Russia, this model will probably cost a little over three million rubles.

Dongfeng ix7 2023.

But its advantages are not limited to this. In fact, if the manufacturer manages to set the specified price, Dongfeng ix7 will have no direct competitors in Russia.

In addition, the turbo engine of the Chinese model is designed to consume AI-92 fuel. which significantly reduces the cost of its maintenance.

This crossover offers equipment that gives it the opportunity to compete with the Hyundai Santa Fe.

In particular, with the new product it will be possible to purchase a head-up display, 2 12.3-inch screens, adaptive cruise, multi-zone climate control, 7 seats with artificial leather trim and high-quality Pioneer acoustics.

Dongfeng ix7 2023.

Moreover, unlike many other Chinese models with comparable characteristics, the production of Dongfeng ix7 will be localized in Russia.

That is, we can assume that the car will be modified to suit the domestic climate and roads. As a result, the new product may be more wear-resistant than its counterparts.

In addition, Chinese drivers note the well-tuned steering and suspension. The latter is moderately tough: it smooths out many unevenness well, and the comparative ground clearance allows you to drive over rough terrain.


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