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New auto robot JiDU Robo-01.

New auto robot JiDU Robo-01.

New auto robot JiDU Robo-01.

Jidu Robo-01 is a joint development of Baidu and Geely. New hit from Zeekr 001.

Jidu Robo-01 is based on Zeekr’s Geely-developed modular SEA platform for premium electric vehicles.

The car has a coupe-style stance, the side body shape is relatively elongated, 21-inch aerodynamic wheels, and the interior uses elements of lunar exploration, the car lacks the traditional physical door handle, and instead features buttons on the B/C pillar.

35.6″ 6K ultra-clear all-round screen.

The seats have an ergonomic design, are upholstered with high-quality premium nappa leather and support heating, ventilation, massage, and electric memory.

Jidu ROBO-01 Lunar Exploration limited edition is equipped with two motors at the front and rear, the maximum output power is 400 kilowatts, the official acceleration to 100 kilometers is 3.9 seconds.

The car is equipped with a 100 kWh battery from CATL, which has a range of 600 kilometers.

Sliding charging port cover.

New auto robot JiDU Robo-01.
The charging port cover is equipped with a touch switch, various opening and closing methods, and the tail lights display real-time charging information.

Flagship Qualcomm 8295 chip.
30TOPS Smart Cabin AI computing power.
Ultra-low wind resistance.
The coefficient is only 0.249.
Automatic lifting spoiler.

Aerodynamic design, automatically raises and lowers according to vehicle speed. At low speeds, the tail wing retracts to optimize power consumption and rises at high speeds to improve control.

New auto robot JiDU Robo-01.

Luggage volume 1528 l.
Clean and minimalistic, with a futuristic design feeling, take out the charging gun, insert the plug into the charging port cover, and it will automatically open, improving the charging process.

No door handle design, silent electric suction and closing.

Equipped with millimeter wave radar, it provides more accurate detection when opening and closing, smaller blind spot.

Quality from CATL

Battery Life: Equipped with 100kWh Ningde Era triple lithium battery with ultra-high IP68 waterproof rating and excellent case protection capabilities.

New auto robot JiDU Robo-01.

High Power: Equipped with dual permanent magnet synchronous motors at the front and rear, with a peak power of up to 400kW.

Acceleration to hundreds takes just 3.9 seconds.
Maximum Safety: 2021 C-NCAP Collision Experiment with Five-Star Safety Standard.

C-IASI Zhongbao Research crash test Fully meets the safety standard.

Moonshot Limited Edition is:

Exclusive plate with the Owner’s Name!!!
Exclusive gold seat belt
Exclusive body color — Porcelain
Exclusive wheel design and limited logo
Exclusive fragrance Moon Soil.

New auto robot JiDU Robo-01.

Technical characteristics of the Jidu Robo-01 2024 Max Performance Electric Car:

Body / number of doors / seats — SUV / 5 / 5
L*W*H / wheelbase — 4853*1990*1611 mm / 3000 mm
Drive — Full
Engine — 544 l. With
Power reserve km — 600
Battery — Triple lithium 100 kWh from CATL
Acceleration to 100 — 3.9 sec
Wheels — 21
Suspension — Double wishbone/multi-link
Trunk — 555 — 1528 l

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