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Ford Puma 2021.

Ford Puma 2021.

Ford Puma 2021.

Ford Puma 2021: American crossover for the European market.
Unlike its predecessor in the coupe body, the new version of the Ford Puma 2021 is a stylish and comfortable compact front-wheel drive crossover for its class.

The new model is positioned as a multi-purpose vehicle with modern technical equipment, optimal starting and speed characteristics for urban use.


The new edition of the Puma 2021 model combines new and traditional branded design solutions in its design. In the asset of new items:

• a new body with a nominal drag coefficient;

• designed with elements of Porsche style appearance;

• high seating position typical of crossovers;

• front-wheel drive platform tested on branded models of the Fiesta series.

Ford Puma 2021.

The crossover looks bright and expressive in the most advantageous front projection. Attention is drawn to the dynamic slope of the panoramic windscreen and the short bonnet complemented by the longitudinal wave relief, the wedge-shaped configuration of the powerful xenon optics units and the black coarse mesh of the semi-oval radiator lining.

The lower part of the high front end is equipped with a narrow bumper, a compact ventilation duct and round fog lamps built into the side diffusers. The restyling also complemented the recognizable design with more wave relief and the protruding profile of the compact body kit.

The profile picture of the car is dominated by the details of the traditional crossover layout. In sight:

• the traditional combination of a short front end, smooth roof slope and vertical cut of the stern;

• elegant oval mirrors;

• glazing of windows enclosed in black matte plastic and window sills ascending to the rear pillars.

The entourage is complemented by a set of partially recessed door handles, a combination of wave and stepped reliefs, a spacious doorway format and a two-tone petal design of 17-inch alloy wheels.

Ford Puma 2021.

The rear side of the body is more aggressively designed. In stock:

• spoiler supplemented with stop lighting;

• large slope of the upper glazing of the tailgate;

• simplified graphics of multifunctional lamps and a vertical arrangement of fog lamps, placed on the sidewalls of a massive bumper.

The design features of the plastic body kit include a diffuser and a protective and decorative panel, as well as a chrome-plated decor of a large-caliber exhaust pipe.


Despite the budget status, the best samples of fabrics, artificial leather and eco-friendly facing plastics were used in the design of the five-seater salon. The top modification is promised with a leather interior and an extended list of comfort-forming options.

In accordance with American traditions, the new generation crossover is equipped with:

• high-quality multimedia system;

• electronic assistants;

• effective lateral stabilizers and road safety devices.

In particular, the EcoBoost Hybryd system contributes to an increase in torque, in another mode it removes some of the load from the engine.

• The design of the semi-sports multifunctional steering wheel provides a full view of the digital instrument cluster operating in three modes.

• Medium format center console tablet combines media entertainment and command functions, as well as information on the status of accessories, technical and electronic equipment.

• On the lower tier of the dashboard there is a double block of ventilation and heating deflectors.

• At the junction of the console and the tunnel there is a control panel for adjusting the cabin microclimate and a spacious well for small-sized luggage. The complete set of the tunnel itself: transmission and parking brake levers, a standard set of organizers and a compact glove compartment closed by an armrest.

Ford Puma 2021.

The faithfully profiled driver and side passenger seats offer adjustable head restraints, effective lateral support, heated and ventilated seats.

The multi-mode lumbar massager is included in the list of additional paid options. The riders of the rear three-seater sofa can change the angle of the backrest to a more comfortable position.

Fans of active, including tourist, recreation will be pleased with the possibility of doubling the volume of the 456-liter trunk, as well as placing a spare wheel and on-board tools in an 80-liter floor pan.


The design of the Ford Puma 2021 with external dimensions of 4186×1930 and 1537 mm takes advantage of the front-wheel drive platform copied from the Fiesta model.

Its layout features a combined rack-and-torsion axle suspension, a wheelbase extended to 2588 mm and a ground clearance of 167 mm typical for city cars.

Ford Puma 2021.

• A three-cylinder, 1-liter petrol engine with an output of 125hp / 170 Nm is declared as a power unit.

• Two semi-hybrid versions are more dynamic, respectively 125 hp / 210 Nm and 155 hp / 240 Nm. The engine range is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission or 7-band automatic.

The test drive showed optimal speed and consumption characteristics for its class, at 4.4 liters per 100 km of run in mixed mode.

Options and prices

The new Ford Puma 2021 model year will be released on the world market in base and two top modifications. The price of the lineup is announced in the range from 20.4 to 28 thousand euros.

Sales start in Russia

The model at the stage of modernization is focused on the demands of the Western market, so the release date in Russia in the long term will remain in question.

Competing models

The list of real opponents has not yet been finalized. According to experts, the competitors are the same type of «state employees» such as Opel Mokka, Renault Kaptur, Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai.

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