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Honda Civic Si 2022.

Honda Civic Si 2022.

Honda Civic Si 2022.

New generation Honda Civic Si «heated» sedan unveiled.

The new Honda Civic Type R hot hatch has not dropped its camouflage yet, and it will debut next year.

But the less powerful sedan Civic Si, which occupies intermediate position in the hierarchy of modifications, is already ready.

The Si version has been in the range for 35 years and is tailored for the American market, and in the new generation, its concept has not changed: it is still a «student sports car,» although it is no longer as affordable as in years past.

The Civic Si is also equipped with a 1.5 turbo engine.

For the new sedan, it was upgraded: the VTEC phasing system is now not only in the intake, but also in the exhaust, with a single mass flywheel (26% lighter than the old dual mass) and a freer exhaust system.

At the same time the power is lower. The engine now produces 203 hp instead of 208 hp, and peaks at 6,000 rpm vs. 5,700 rpm.

But the maximum torque (unchanged 260 Nm) is now reached already at 1800 rpm instead of 2100 rpm.

As before, the Honda Civic Si is offered only with a six-speed manual gearbox (less powerful versions have only a variator).

Now it has an electronic add-on, which automatically selects the optimal speed of the crankshaft when shifting down (as in the Type R): the art of shifting you can forget.

Honda Civic Si 2022.

The screw differential of increased friction is also kept. In addition to the Normal and Sport modes, the driving electronics have a customizable Individual preset.

The chassis is reconfigured in comparison with the base Civic.

New shock absorbers and thicker stabilizers are installed, the front springs are stiffer by 8%, and rear ones — by 54%, the upper fixings of front struts are reinforced.

Honda Civic Si 2022.

Some parts are borrowed from Civic Type R hot hatch, such as rear independent suspension arms and bushings.

The Si version has bigger brake discs than the regular sedan’s: 312 mm in front and 282 mm behind.

The steering mechanism is stiffer, and the torsional rigidity of the entire body has increased by 8% compared to the previous-generation sedan.

Honda Civic Si 2022.

Visually the Honda Civic Si differs from the less powerful versions only in details.

For example, it has a different upper section of the grille (as in the hatchback), increased spoiler on the trunk lid, black 18-inch wheels and two exhaust pipes instead of one.

Honda Civic Si 2022.

Inside, there are other front seats with integrated headrests, lots of red décor and metal pedal pads. The Bose audio system can amplify the sound of the engine through the speakers.

Like the base next-generation Civics, Honda Civic Si sedans will be produced in Canada.

These cars should be on sale by the end of the year. The previous Civic Si cost from $26,000 in the U.S., but the new one will go up in price.

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