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Honda Odyssey Elite 2023.

Honda Odyssey Elite 2023.

Honda Odyssey Elite 2023.

Honda launches Odyssey in the new Elite version: sales start dates have been revealed. Details about the minivan’s equipment.

Last year the documents and pictures showing Honda Odyssey 2023 in new Elite model were found in the database of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

We must say, it is already possible to distinguish this version from the actual ones visually.

In general, more sporty design style is seen here. There are some differences in equipment.

Today it became known that this year the minivan will be available in Elite version.

Reportedly, the premiere and subsequent sales of the model will be held in August, but the exact date will be revealed later.

We should first say a few words about the appearance of the Honda Odyssey Elite.

Of course, structurally everything remains unchanged, but there are a lot of interesting details.

Honda Odyssey Elite 2023.

In particular, the front bumper is equipped with headlights of a different style of performance, as well as the radiator grille, which has acquired a completely different filling.

Inside the module is located a large grid, and along the edges runs quite a wide frame.

Honda Odyssey Elite 2023.

By the way, between the headlights there are two chrome strips, giving the appearance of additional sport.

For comparison, in the standard version, the grille is presented with several horizontal slats inside.

The lower part of the bumper, as well as the profile remained in the same style. Wheel rims also retained the current design format.

Honda Odyssey Elite 2023.

Nevertheless, the minivan looks more sporty and dynamic. There is an appropriate label with the inscription «Elite Edition» on the stern, by which you can identify this version.

On the other side of the bumper is another badge, indicating the presence of a hybrid unit under the hood.

Honda Odyssey Elite 2023.

This version has another major difference. It is reported that the cabin of minivan is designed for four seats — the seats are set on a scheme 2 +2.

As for the underhood space, we have already mentioned about a hybrid technology.

The base here is a naturally aspirated engine of 2.0 liters of volume.

An electric motor works together with it that allows providing total capacity in the region of 215 horsepower. The transmission is presented in the E-CVT format.


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