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Honda Odyssey 2021.

Honda Odyssey 2021.

Honda Odyssey 2021.

Honda Odyssey 2021: Stylish family minivan.
Until recently, this car was one of the most popular in the class of family minivans. However, over time, the competition grew strongly, and the Japanese ceased to be a leader.

To return the first lines in sales, Honda introduced another restyling of the car. The new model has a more attractive and stylish look, which has been replenished with a lot of details not present on other representatives of the brand.

Changes are also being observed in the salon, which will be finished with slightly better materials and will receive more useful functionality. But the characteristics of the 2021 Honda Odyssey will be the same as those of its predecessor.


Honda Odyssey 2021.

The bulk of the changes are collected in the appearance of the car. As you can see in the photo, the new body has got slightly different main parts in shape, but retained its large dimensions and recognizable appearance as a whole.

Also here you can see a large number of new relief, which has both a stepped and wavy appearance, inserts painted in chrome, different optics, redesigned air intakes and many other innovations.

The front of the car still takes up very little space and is tilted. This decision has a positive effect on visibility for the driver, regardless of his height.

The design of the minivan’s muzzle begins with a short but wide hood that has small triangular indentations on the sides. The appearance of the central part of the bumper has changed significantly. It begins with a wide chrome strip that unites the air intake system and head optics underneath.

The first is of medium size and takes on a polygonal shape. It also boasts a mesh, represented by thin horizontal lines in black and the Honda brand badge, already painted in chrome. The head optics of the car is now made in a triangular shape and is also tilted, making it look even more aggressive.

For better illumination of the road, it will be filled with LED lights in any configuration.

Honda Odyssey 2021.

Below is the body kit, which does not take up much space and sticks out slightly. On it you can find small recesses on the sides containing fog signals, framed by a black glossy line, another air intake that improves engine compartment cooling, and an abundance of relief transitions in height. The presence of protective plastic elements is not implied here.

Also, the car has slightly changed on the sides. There is still a lot of space allocated here for a wide and long strip filled with windows, which are divided into parts by racks painted in gloss black.

The chrome line is used to frame this figure. You can also observe stylish rear-view mirrors from above, which have got a triangular shape and turn signal repeaters.

A couple more of these signals can be found on the front wheel arches. On the main part of the profile there are such decorations as door handles painted in chrome, a bunch of reliefs of various types and inserts that have a color different from the main body color. Also, strongly protruding wheel arches and sills are striking here.

Honda Odyssey 2021.

At the back, the car has barely changed. This part of the car will get an almost square shape and will also be located almost without tilt. On it you can find a short visor, which includes stop lights, a massive luggage compartment window, interestingly shaped marker signals, chrome-painted nameplates and just decorative inserts, as well as a little relief.

On the bumper body kit there are fog optics, a bunch of relief and exhaust pipes.


The update also slightly affected the interior of the car. The new 2021 Honda Odyssey will always be finished with good natural leather, and some details will be made with fabrics, plastic, metals and even wood, if this is the maximum configuration option.

The car also boasts an advanced multimedia complex with a bunch of useful functionality and even more comfortable seating.

The dashboard of the car does not take up much space, although it includes a bunch of useful parts. Here you can find a large touchscreen monitor of the multimedia system, neat vents, several analog buttons assembled in one strip, as well as a technical panel from the tunnel.

Instead of a tunnel, you can find here a large ledge between the front seats, which is filled with large compartments for installing glasses, recesses for storing things, covered with curtains, and other useful things.

The car can accommodate up to eight people. All seats will receive high-quality leather trim, headrests, side support and a heating system. The first two rows also boast folding armrests and the ability to adjust both the position of the seat itself and the tilt of the back.

Honda Odyssey 2021.


As mentioned earlier, the 2021 Honda Odyssey will receive exactly the same equipment for the engine compartment as its predecessor.

Here you can find a gasoline power unit, the working volume of which is 3.5 liters, and the power reaches 280 horsepower.

This is enough for driving over any distance and in any conditions. A couple of the motor will be a ten-speed automatic, which transfers all efforts to the front axle of the car.

As the test drive shows, the dynamics and fuel consumption of the car remained at the same level, which is not surprising.

Options and prices

The price of the car has not yet been announced, but it is unlikely that it will be lower than that for which the previous version is sold, namely from 31 thousand dollars.


The car is a competitor for the Chrysler Pacific and Toyota Alphard models.

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