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Honda Prelude 2024.

Honda Prelude 2024.

Honda Prelude 2024.

Honda Prelude 2024: revival of an iconic name. An electric coupe concept has been unveiled.

At the Tokyo International Motor Show, a two-door coupe concept was presented under the revived name Honda Prelude, with an all-electric powertrain.

It is interesting that the exterior of the concept does not have a futuristic design, i.e. it is as close as possible to the production version, in some ways even similar to the current generation of Honda Civic.

But the interior is still completely classified, and the windows are covered with black film.

There are also minimal technical details about the 2024 Honda Prelude prototype, except that it will be fully electric.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe emphasized that the presented concept will become the ancestor for a whole family of electric sports cars with the Prelude prefix.

It follows from this that the Prelude will not be a separate model, but a whole line. It is possible that the most extreme of them will receive the Type R nameplate.

Honda Prelude 2024.

Speaking about the presented prototype, the front part is very similar to the 11th generation Honda Civic, except for the absence of a radiator grille, but the rear part is more unique with a narrow line of optics across the entire width of the body.

In profile, 20-inch wheels with Brembo sports brakes are visible.

The Honda Prelude was produced from 1978 to 2001. Positioned as a sporty two-door four-seater coupe. During all this time, five generations have come out.

Honda Prelude 2024.

2022 marks the debut of the Acura Integra, bringing back another iconic name. The new Integra is essentially a premium variant of the Honda Civic.

The Prelude concept differs from the traditional design of its predecessors. While previous Preludes are known for being compact two-door coupes, the new concept takes on a significantly larger form. But that’s not surprising considering how big cars are these days.

If you look at the model from the head of the body, the new Toyota car seems to belong to the clan of the updated Crown.

The new product has a pair of sharp headlights, united by a strip of LEDs. It is located slightly above the place where the license plate should be located.

Honda Prelude 2024.

The lower part of the bumper is painted in a dark dark color with a mesh pattern and a vertical design element in a blue shade.

On the side, the new product corresponds to the name Prelude. Small mirrors on the sides, painted in a dark shade, are visible, as are the door handles and angular side panels.

Honda has also equipped the concept with a set of gloss black wheels and blue brake calipers to highlight its grip.

The roofline tapers quickly towards the rear, looking like a cross between a Porsche 911 and a Hyundai Ioniq 6.

It is worth noting a strip of LEDs across the entire width of the rear of the car, a black spoiler and a glossy bumper in the same color.

Honda Prelude 2024.

To date, there are few details about the Honda Prelude concept.

The concern describes it as a sports model designed to deliver “the joy of driving” and “provide extraordinary excitement.”

Honda added that it is working on the development of this new product and, apart from the statement that it is electrified, has not yet mentioned its transmission.


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