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IZh-2126 Oda 2022-2023.

IZh-2126 Oda 2022-2023.

IZh-2126 Oda 2022-2023.

The first unofficial renders of the revived IZh-2126 «Oda» 2022-2023 have been presented.

After the VAZ cars change platform and become more expensive, there will be a place in the niche of inexpensive cars. It could be occupied by IZh-2126 2022-2023.

This model used to roll off the assembly line at the Izhevsk plant, where the Lada Vesta is now produced.

Renders of the revived model were presented by an independent portal designer.

Immediately specify that this is pure creativity, which does not have any official statements about the production of modern IZh-2126 «Oda».

However, the project is interesting. In front of us is a liftback, which does not look like the actual LADA models.

It does not have the X-shaped design. If you look for parallels, the novelty is more like Volkswagen Polo.

This German model would become the main competitor of the revived Oda.

Drive is rear, the engine range is the same as the current Lada Granta. Such a liftback would cost about a million rubles in base.

This version would get a 1.6-liter gasoline engine. Its output could make 90, 98 and 106 hp.

IZh-2126 Oda 2022-2023.

Transmission would be a 5-MCP, and the more expensive versions would get an automatic transmission.

In the next few years, Avtovaz will switch its entire lineup to Renault-Nissan CMF-B platform.

Representatives of the Volga Automobile Plant previously noted that probably only the future Niva Legend will retain the same architecture, since the French-Japanese «bogie» does not allow introduction of permanent all-wheel drive.

But regardless of Avtovaz’s decision on this SUV, it is already known that the Vesta and Granta will definitely move to the CMF-B platform.

IZh-2126 Oda 2022-2023.

The change of architecture could become the reason for a sharp rise in price for both models.

This assumption was also indirectly confirmed by Avtovaz representatives, who in a recent interview noted that the Granta is no longer a budget car.

The generational change may «hit» the Vesta fans. According to rumors, after switching to the CMF-B platform, the price of the Russian sedan will increase to 1.6-1.8 million rubles.

At the same time there may be a big gap between the Granta and Vesta in the Lada lineup. Therefore, Avtovaz needs a new car to fill the void.

One solution to this problem could be the return of the IZh-2126 Oda to the Russian market.

IZh-2126 Oda 2022-2023.

This car was assembled at the Izhevsk automobile plant, which now produces the Vesta, until 2005.

Therefore, there should be no problems with its revival. Photos of the prototype of the new «Oda» have already been published by an independent designer.

They show that this model will be an averaged version of the Vesta and Granta.

At the same time the new IJ «Oda» 2022-2023, according to the published renders, will stand out against the other products of «AvtoVAZ» with its non-standard design.

In particular, this model will appear in a body liftback with an elongated stern, but without X-shaped metal bars, which adorn all Lada cars.

Instead of them at the front the new «Oda» has a narrow radiator grille, which is included in the large optics.

Fixed below the bumper is complemented by a long air intake, which is flanked by fog lights.

IZh-2126 Oda 2022-2023.

It should be noted that the last Volkswagen Polo has a similar design of the front of the body, which in the case of the return of the IZh «Oda» to the market will be a direct competitor for the Russian model.

The likelihood of the return of the IZh-2126 2022-2023 is all the more high, given that the price of the Vesta will rise sharply after the generation change.

This is likely to lead to a decrease in sales of the car. And taking into account that today Izhevsk automotive plant produces only the Vesta, the decline in demand for this model will cause a decrease in production volumes.

That is, the enterprise needs a car that will compensate for such a decrease.

It is not yet known what engines the revived 2022-2023 IZh Oda will get. It is more likely that the liftback will share the engine range with the LADA Granta.

In favor of this is the fact that the future novelty will be a budget car, the price of the basic version of which will not exceed a million rubles.

Therefore the new IZH 2126 «Oda» will be equipped by default with 1.6 liter «atmospheric» engine with 8 or 16 valves with output of 90, 98 or 106 hp.

It is already known that the company «Avtovaz» is going to adapt the motor under the platform CMF-B.

In this regard, engineers will not have problems related to the introduction of the 1.6-liter engine in the new Izh-2126 2022-2023.

As standard, the future liftback will be equipped with a 5-speed «manual», for a fee — a 4-band «automatic».

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