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Lada Vesta SV 2022.

Lada Vesta SV 2022.

Lada Vesta SV 2022.

Lada Vesta SV 2022. Many compatriots like station wagon cars, which is why manufacturers often focus on the production of such models.

A striking example is Lada Vesta SV 2022, which became a replenishment of the model range of AvtoVAZ in 2017.

The car became a direct competitor for the station wagons Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze and Kia Ceed.

At the moment, there are Comfort, Exclusive and Luxe configurations on sale, as well as extended special versions with a price tag of 835,900 — 1,140,900 rubles for the Classic + Start and Exclusive generations, respectively.


The Russian station wagon Lada Vesta SV 2022 in the new body did not receive impressive technical characteristics, however, due to the complete sets and more affordable prices, it stands out against the background of competitors, and in some aspects surpasses them, which, in principle, is the reason for the choice of the car by domestic buyers.

At the same time, the model also boasts a pleasant appearance, which can be estimated from the photo published in the article.

The Russian model is equipped with two similar and at the same time different atmospheric-type gasoline power units. We are talking about:

1.6-liter engine capable of generating 106 horsepower as well as 148 Nm of torque;
1.6-liter engine with 113 horsepower, transmitting up to 152 N * m of torque to the drive wheels.

Lada Vesta SV 2022.

Models with a weaker engine are equipped with a 5-speed manual. A CVT is provided for a 113-horsepower internal combustion engine. Only front-wheel drive vehicles with the following dimensions are on sale:

length — 4 410 mm;
width — 1,764 mm;
height — 1 512 mm;
wheelbase — 2 635 mm;
clearance — 178 mm;
curb weight — 1 280 kg.

The trunk of a five-seater car can hold up to 480 liters of cargo. Up to 55 liters of fuel can be poured into the fuel tank (AI-92 gasoline is used).

A station wagon spends an average of 7.3 — 7.4 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. This car is distinguished by good dynamics with acceleration to a hundred in 12.2 — 12.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 170 — 174 km / h.

Regardless of the power unit, the station wagon meets the requirements of the Euro-5 environmental standard.

Options and prices

At the moment, Lada Vesta SV 2022 is available to Russian motorists at a price of 835,900 — 1,140,900 rubles. Now on sale you can find versions of Comfort, Luxe and Exclusive.

In parallel, the extended versions Classic + Start, Comfort + Winter package, Comfort + Winter EnjoY, Luxe EnjoY Pro and Luxe + Prestige package are sold.

Lada Vesta SV 2022.

At the same time, all variations are available with any power unit to choose from. Soon, the Comfort Light modification should appear in the public domain.

Classic + Start

Modifications Classic + Start and Classic + Start Plus package are sold at a price of 835 900 rubles 930 900 rubles with 106 and 113-horsepower engines, respectively.

In parallel with this equipment, the manufacturer installs child locks and some systems responsible for traffic control on the Lada Vesta SW 2022 car, including: ABS, ESP, EBD, BAS and TCS


A complete set, which also provides for the special versions Comfort + Winter package and Comfort + Winter EnjoY package.

The cost of the model varies in the range of 863,900 — 935,900 rubles for versions with 106-horsepower engines and in the range of 958,900 — 1,030,900 rubles for versions with 113-horsepower internal combustion engines.

The equipment of the usual Comfort variation included such additional options as: heat-insulating glass of the cabin, multifunctional steering wheel, dividing front armrest, front seats with lumbar support, cruise control, rear parking sensors, mirrors in sun visors.

Winter configurations provide for heated steering wheel and windshield, as well as a number of other functions.

Lada Vesta SV 2022.


The Luxe version itself is not on sale, and instead of it, the Luxe EnjoY Pro and Luxe + Prestige package generations are being implemented in dealerships.

Prices vary between 989,900 — 1,013,900 rubles for models with 106-horsepower engines and 1,084,900 — 1,108,900 for variants of cars with 113-horsepower internal combustion engines.

The equipment by the manufacturer included such additional options as: 16-inch aluminum rims, front fog lights, rain sensor, light sensor, factory tinted glass, combined interior, rear split armrest, electric heated rear seats, electric heated windshield and steering wheel, side airbags, dynamic cornering light system, 6-speaker audio system, multimedia with 8-inch touch screen, OEM navigation system, rear-view camera.


The most expensive version of the Lada Vesta SW 2022 with a price tag of 1,045,900 and 1,140,900 rubles for generations with 106 and 113-horsepower engines, respectively.

The equipment included such additional options as: decorative aluminum inserts, single-zone climate control, atmospheric interior lighting, additional lighting that is activated when the driver or passengers board.


For several years AvtoVAZ has been making almost all cars in the corporate X-style, and there are almost no exceptions in the model range.

Lada Vesta SV 2022.

Such a design can be called pleasant, but because of this it will be difficult to find serious differences between the most budget variant of the Lada Granta market and the model taking part in this review.

This is a serious drawback, due to which a certain category of motorists bypasses domestic cars.

The interior of the car, another «Achilles’ heel». The design is pleasing and noteworthy, while the build quality is poor.

After several tens of thousands of kilometers, the plastic in the cabin begins to emit a branded rattle, and creaks are heard everywhere.

Unfortunately, Russian companies have once again proved that they are ready to sacrifice quality for the sake of affordability and attractiveness.

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