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Kia K8 2021.

Kia K8 2021.

Kia K8 2021.

The Kia K8 sedan will be the first model to feature a new logo.

We have a gap between the Kia K5 and K900 sedans, and in the American and Korean markets, it is occupied by another four-door — Kia K7, aka Kia Cadenza. It is a large sedan on a front wheel drive platform that has four or six cylinder engines.

Since 2009, more than 500 thousand of these cars have been sold, and the current «seven» of the second generation debuted in 2016. However, her days are already numbered: a new model Kia K8 has been prepared to replace it, which was spotted in South Korea. By the way, Stinger almost got the K8 index five years ago.

The company immodestly calls the K8 a harbinger of brand transformation: the fresh Plan S implies an expansion of the range of electric vehicles and the launch of mobility services.

But the Kia K8 sedan is not about that. But he became the first model with a new emblem. At the front, it is made of aluminum and has become noticeably larger than the previous one.

Kia K8 2021.

The K8 was the first car to debut the new Kia brand logo, which was unveiled in early January 2021. The renewal of the Korean brand logo is a continuation of the company’s long-term development strategy called Plan S.

The flagship sedan features a diamond-patterned tiger grille, tapered LED headlights, an embossed bonnet and distinctive headlamps combined into a single block. Kia’s head of design, Karim Habib, said the design of the new model was inspired by «the world’s most technically advanced yachts.»

Kia K8 2021.

Alas, details about the Kia K8 model are still few: the company has released only three images and a small portion of information. The sedan retained the front-wheel drive platform, but became even longer: 5015 mm versus 4995 mm for the K7 model.

The hood has been pulled out, the overhangs have become a little shorter, and the mirrors are now mounted on legs. The running lights and turn signals are disguised as «mosaic» blocks on the sides of the radiator grill.

Kia K8 2021.

The Koreans have not yet shown the sedan interior. It is expected that the car will be equipped with a virtual instrument panel, a large touchscreen multimedia system, as well as a head-up display. Also, Kia has not yet revealed the technical details of the car.

The company only stressed that the car is «focused on modernity, premium quality and dynamic performance.» Kia plans to fully declassify the K8 in the next few months.

That’s all for now. The car will be fully declassified only in the spring. But the K8 is unlikely to appear on the Russian market: we did not sell the previous K7s.

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