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Lexus GX 2021.

Lexus GX 2021.

Lexus GX 2021.

2021 Lexus GX: new model of the prestigious mid-size SUV.
New versions of Japanese Lexus SUVs have become a measure of success in life and material well-being of their owners.

This thesis is confirmed by the new model of the Lexus GX 2021 branded range, which combines modern layout and design solutions in its design and construction.


To a large extent, the restyling affected the renovation of the salon interior, the modernization of technical equipment, functional and media electronics, the effectiveness of passive and active safety systems.

According to the experts, the new body with minor modifications was copied from the more expensive and prestigious Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV, therefore the most changes in the design of the front end. In the photo, the new generation Lexus effectively demonstrates a stylish and presentable appearance.

Lexus GX 2021.

Attention is drawn to:

• decorative chrome plating of the logo, as well as massive silver lamellas and the perimeter of the X-shaped front cladding;

• diagonal arrangement of three-element LED optics, supplemented with running lights and direction indicators;

• dynamic configuration of side ventilation diffusers complete with fog lights and sidelights.
The composition of the front end is completed by a metal panel combining protective and decorative functions. Part of the decorative properties is assigned to the details of the stepped relief decorated in a sporting-aggressive style.

In the profile projection, the Lexus GX 2021 looks no less bright and expressive. In the spotlight:

• flat roof decorated with massive silver rails;

• tonal contrast of the chrome-plated perimeter and black gloss of the window trim;

• rectangles of panoramic mirrors equipped with turning lights;

• protective sill plates and a static step.

The exterior entourage of the sidewalls is effectively complemented by high wheel arches and spoke design of one-piece 20-inch off-road wheels.

Lexus GX 2021.

Elements of a typical crossover layout are present in the rear side of the Japanese all-terrain vehicle.

Available: compact format of the spoiler lip and upper sloped glazing of the vertical tailgate, stylish stepped geometry and graphics of multifunctional lights, equipped with fog lights and a protective body kit, a protruding figured bumper.

The stern decor is chrome plating of the logo and nameplates, side plates, license plate niches, as well as a wide variety of wave and stepped reliefs.


The five- or seven-seater in the top modification, the interior is trimmed with genuine leather, high-quality textured plastic, red leather inserts and decorative accents made of polished aluminum alloy.

The configuration of the multi-steering wheel, designed in a sporty style and supplemented by blocks of command buttons, does not interfere with a full overview of the digital imitation of the instrument cluster with pseudo-analog dials. The monumental center console comes standard with:

• block of ventilation ducts;

• 12-inch diagonal of the media display supplemented with touch command functions;

• consoles for activation and settings of climate control, as well as a modern multimedia complex.

According to independent experts, the new version of the 2021 Lexus GX is equipped with a premium level of technical equipment, the main characteristics of the media-functional on-board electronics have been significantly improved.

Lexus GX 2021.

The front sector of the tunnel is occupied by a technical platform with a compact transmission lever and elements for switching operating modes.

Available — a well for small-sized luggage and an extended set of organizers useful on long trips. The two-piece armrest combines the function of the lid of the built-in mini-fridge.

Most of the boarding and road service is concentrated in the design of the pilot seats. Seats with effective lateral support offer multiple adjustment ranges, heated and ventilated seats.

The second row seats are adjustable for backrest tilt and, if necessary, are transformed to increase the trunk volume from 621 to 1934 liters. The third row in the cabin with a seven-seat layout can accommodate two adult riders.

The symbolic volume of the 104-liter luggage compartment is compensated by the presence of additional seats.

The test drive showed that the full-size body provides the driver and passengers with a high level of comfort with profiled and ergonomic seats, impressive volumes of personal space, and the effectiveness of cabin sound insulation.


In the new edition, the frameless SUV Lexus GX 2021 inherited from its predecessor the external dimensions that were realized in classic proportions, 4806 x 1886 and 1844 mm. The list of advantages of the chassis:

Lexus GX 2021.

• 2790 mm wheelbase and off-road clearance with a height of 215 mm;

• independent suspension equipped with transverse running stabilizers of lever type;

• disc brake circuit and a complete set of active safety systems.

The power unit consists of a petrol 4.6-liter V-shaped «eight» with an output of 296 hp / 438 Nm with a 32-valve Dual hydraulic VVT-i gas distribution mechanism and an 8-band automatic transmission with permanent drive to both axles.

The dynamics of a set of the first hundred with an aerodynamic coefficient of the body of 0.35 is 8.3 seconds, a maximum speed of 175 km / h, an average fuel consumption per 100 km of a distance of 12.8 liters.

Options and prices

The new Lexus GX 2021 model year will enter the world market in five modifications, costing in ruble terms from 2.9 to 3.5 million rubles. The price of each model will be determined by the composition and functionality of the component options.

Sales start in Russia

At the moment, the release date in Russia of the new SUV is being specified. According to the latest data, deliveries are planned closer to the middle of the third quarter of 2021.


Equal in parameters and cost analogs with a class not lower than Mercedes-Benz G-class, Range Rover Sport or Infiniti JX35 can claim the status of rivals.

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