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Lexus LS 2021.

Lexus LS 2021.

Lexus LS 2021.

Lexus LS 2021: Restyling of the Lexus flagship sedan.
The fifth-generation Lexus LS sedan, which was released in 2017, was supposed to reverse the emerging negative sales trend of the model.

However, the task was not completed, and even, on the contrary, the demand for the Lexus flagship dropped even more with the release of the new version.

As a result, in 2019, only 5.5 thousand executive four-doors were found in the main US market for a car, while in the best times (early 2000s), Americans bought up to 20-30 thousand copies of a sedan annually. In an effort to somehow rectify the situation, the Japanese carried out a restyling, but presented a new model not as usual, in America, but at home.

The main focus of the update was on increasing comfort and improving instrumentation. Also, the body design was not ignored. Sales of the new Lexus LS 2020-2021 will start in Japan in the fall.

The novelty will enter the American market early next year and will be estimated here at about $ 76,500. The surviving restyling Lexus LS will reach Russia no earlier than spring 2021. The price of the current model for today is at least 6,245,000 rubles.

Lexus LS 2021.

Innovation in design

In appearance, there were no major changes. The first thing that catches your eye is the revised headlamps, which have lost intricate zigzags, taking on a simpler and more concise form.

Another innovation is the revised design of the radiator grill — now it is painted in dark metallic. Well, the chrome stripes on the sides of the bumper have lengthened, wrapped on the side surfaces.

Behind, almost the only new thing was the replacement of the chrome trim of the lanterns with the Piano Black decor, which seems to be in better harmony with the optics.

The F Sport version stands out for its special design — it has enlarged side air intakes in the bumper, a specific false radiator mesh pattern and exclusive 20-inch wheels. Hybrid Lexus LS 500h, in turn, can now be easily recognized by the additional sections of air ducts on the front fenders.

In addition to the shape, the «filling» of the headlights has been corrected. In particular, a high-tech BladeScan AHS high beam control module has been introduced.

Due to rotating mirrors and diodes that are switched on alternately, a flexibly adjustable light beam is created here. It more effectively illuminates sections of the road that are usually poorly visible (roadsides and areas near pedestrian crossings), but at the same time it does not blind the drivers of oncoming cars.

Lexus LS 2021.

As a bonus, the updated 2021 Lexus LS received a gray version of the Gin-ei Luster color. This color is interesting for its non-standard mirror texture with bright highlights and a kind of play of shadows. The coating is applied in a special way.

Interior and equipment

The interior of the flagship Lexus sedan has not changed so much, but some improvements are visible to the naked eye. First of all, we are talking about the display of a regular media center.

If earlier it was integrated into the body of the front panel, now it stands apart, which makes it more convenient to use. The size of the touch screen is 12.3 inches, and the functionality of the system includes support for SmartDeviceLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces.

Certain metamorphoses have taken place in the interior decoration. The steering wheel and center console are now dominated by black accents, and the seat stitching has been reduced. A new version of Nishijin & Haku upholstery with Japanese motifs has also been added to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Even during the restyling, the Lexus LS got an enlarged digital mirror with a better picture, comfortable seats with a new urethane filling and a reconfigured active noise reduction system.

The level of shock and vibration transmitted to the passenger compartment has been reduced by recalibrating the adaptive suspension and replacing the engine mounts.

Active security systems have undergone major reform. Instead of the Lexus Safety System +, a set of Teammate assistants with artificial intelligence elements is installed.

Lexus LS 2021.

It combines two blocks of helpers. The first — Advanced Drive — is responsible for keeping in the lane, maintaining the distance to neighboring vehicles, changing lanes and overtaking on highways.

The second — Advanced Park — helps to park the car by independently controlling the steering wheel, accelerating / braking and shifting gears, as well as displaying images from all-round cameras.

In the future, the functionality of Lexus Teammate will be expanded by remote software updates. True, outside of Japan, the complex will appear only after the completion of the running-in on home tracks.

Specifications Lexus LS 2020-2021

The sedan’s line of modifications has remained the same. It includes:

• Diesel Lexus LS 350 with V6 3.5 engine (315 hp, 380 Nm);

• Petrol Lexus LS 500 with a V6 3.4 biturbo unit (421 hp, 600 Nm);

• Hybrid Lexus LS 500h with a tandem of an aspirated V6 3.5 and an electric motor (total output 359 hp)

Lexus LS 2021.

The first two versions are equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, the LS 500h variant is equipped with a Multi Stage Hybrid transmission. Exclusively rear-wheel drive only in the diesel LS 350, while the «five hundredth» are offered with all-wheel drive.

Among the innovations in technology are the revised gearbox control program (gears are switched less often due to the expansion of the operating range at one speed) and the optimized algorithm for the functioning of the hybrid system (the maximum engine speed is reduced and the battery assistance is increased during acceleration).

The adaptive suspension received new settings and new stabilizers, which improved the acoustic background in the cabin.

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