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Mazzanti Evantra Pura 2022.

Mazzanti Evantra Pura 2022.

Mazzanti Evantra Pura 2022.

Mazzanti Evantra Pura: a slimmed-down Italian with an American V8.

The Italian company Mazzanti Automobili has presented a new, lighter version of Pura, the medium-engined supercar Evantra that is equipped with an updated 5.2-liter V8 from Chevrolet Corvette.

We told the story of Mazzanti Automobili from the Italian town of Pontedera in detail in 2016.

Briefly recall that its roots go back to the 90s of the last century and car restoration workshop of Walter Faralli and Luca Mazzanti.

In 2002, the companions decided to produce their own cars and founded the company Faralli & Mazzanti.

The first two models with names Antas and Vulca had very eccentric design with elements of retro, after their release Faralli went out of business, the company became known simply as Mazzanti and began to develop a more traditional looking supercar.

In 2013, the Evantra mid-engine coupe saw the light of day, the peak of which evolution in terms of dynamic performance was the Millecavalli version (debuted in 2016) with a 1000-horsepower 7.2-liter V8 turbo engine on a GM block — this car is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds, and the top speed exceeds 400 km/h.

Mazzanti Evantra Pura 2022.

Evantra Pura is much more modest in terms of power: it is equipped with twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter GM V8 LT2 (in the atmospheric version it is put on the base Chevrolet Corvette current eighth generation), the maximum output is 761 hp at 6300 rpm and 910 Nm at 4300 rpm.

The gearbox is a robotized 7-speed, the gears have to be changed manually with giant paddles made of carbon fiber or aluminum.

Drive wheels are rear. The Evantra Pura reaches the first «hundred» in 2.9 seconds, the maximum speed — over 360 km/h.

Mazzanti Evantra Pura 2022.

The body of Evantra Pura is based on a space frame made of steel and chrome-molybdenum pipes, external panels are made of carbon fiber.

Overall length — 4325 mm, width — 1955 mm, height — 1225 mm, wheelbase — 2550 mm. Curb weight is 1290 kg vs. 1350 kg for Millecavalli version. The suspension is the McPherson type.

Mazzanti Evantra Pura 2022.

Carbon ceramic brakes by Brembo. Diameter of the front disks — 380 mm (6-piston calipers), rear — 360 mm (4-piston calipers).

Tire size on OZ Racing wheels is 255/35 R 19 in the front and 315/30 R 20 in the rear.

Interior trim can be chosen by the customer, and there are a lot of options: the steering wheel, for example, may have a built-in screen and LED indicators, as in racing cars.

Mazzanti Evantra Pura 2022.

The live premiere of Mazzanti Evantra Pura will take place tomorrow in Florence as part of the Art and Design Biennale.

The company does not announce the price, as well as the estimated number of copies of the model, but in general Mazzanti Automobili makes only about five cars a year, so the Evantra Pura will not stick out on the roads.

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