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McLaren 765LT Spider 2022.

McLaren 765LT Spider 2022.

McLaren 765LT Spider 2022.

The McLaren 765LT Spider 2022 supercar has lost its roof: meet the hardcore spider.

The British from McLaren continue to expand their «long-tailed» Longtail family: the open supercar 765LT Spider became the next representative of the line.

The novelty is a hardcore convertible, built on the basis of the usual 720S Spider — its main feature is the branded long «tail».

In addition, the McLaren 765LT Spider has a new body kit with an oversized rear diffuser and wing. Due to this, the developers managed to increase the downforce of the model by 25%.

McLaren 765LT Spider 2022.

Plus, one cannot fail to note the presence of a carbon fiber roof on this modification.

Thanks to the electric drive, it can be folded or raised in just 11 seconds (even while driving, if the speed does not exceed 50 km / h).

Interestingly, the vertical rear window can be lowered and raised separately, and the aforementioned rear wing is capable of changing its angle of attack depending on the position of the roof.

The interior of the new McLaren 765LT Spider model has received an expanded carbon fiber trim.

McLaren 765LT Spider 2022.

To facilitate the design, the developers also revised the equipment, abandoning the audio system (1.5 kg) and air conditioning (10 kg), although they can be ordered for a surcharge.

The «long-tailed» spider turned out to be somewhat larger than the donor: it reaches 4,600 mm in length (+ 57).

All the gains came from the stern, of which 48mm was added by an increased rear overhang, and another 9mm by a new wing.

At the same time, the British managed to significantly lighten the design of the supercar.

The curb weight of the car is declared at 1,388 kg (- 80 kg compared to the 720S Spider).

McLaren 765LT Spider 2022.

The weight reduction was achieved not only by the increased use of carbon fiber and the abandonment of some equipment.

For example, thinner glasses, forged wheels and a titanium exhaust system with four tailpipes were additionally installed here, which turned out to be 40% lighter than the standard one at once.

The McLaren 765 LT Spyder is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, the output of which has been increased from 720 hp. and 770 Nm to 765 forces and 800 Nm of torque.

Plus, the British reconfigured the seven-band SSG preselective robot put on the car.

It is reported that the extreme supercar can “shoot” from zero to hundreds in 2.8 seconds (- 0.1 seconds compared to the McLaren 720S Spider).

McLaren 765LT Spider 2022.

Acceleration from 0-200 km / h takes 7.2 seconds (- 0.7), and from 0-300 km / h — 19.3 seconds. At the same time, the maximum speed was slightly lower — 330 km / h (- 11).

Interestingly, to improve handling on winding roads, this model has been reconfigured adaptive suspension, widened front track and reduced ground clearance (-5 mm).

The circulation of the McLaren 765LT Spider will be 765 copies, and it was decided to sell it at a price of 311,000 pounds each (318.3 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Acceptance of orders has already started, but the production quota for 2021 has been fully selected.

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