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McLaren Elva 2022.

McLaren Elva 2021.

McLaren Elva 2022.

McLaren Elva 2022. Speedster McLaren Elva got a windshield: at the request of customers.

The McLaren Elva speedster was introduced in 1919 and until recently was offered exclusively without glass: in such a car, the air flow is directed over the cockpit due to the clever AAMS (Active Air Management System) air duct system.

Now the British have prepared a version of the model with the familiar windshield. It is installed on a two-door door in a carbon-fiber frame and is electrically heated.

It comes with two windscreen wipers, a washer and sun visors.

Plus, the new version of the speedster received a different front fairing.

It does not have a built-in grille, which is necessary for the intake of air into the said AAMS system.

The new McLaren Elva has got only a windshield, while the side windows and roof are still not supposed to be.

McLaren Elva 2021.

This version of the model turned out to be 20 kg heavier than the original, although its dry weight still does not exceed 1,300 kg.

The speedster has already passed a full cycle of aerodynamic tests, and the British have published its dynamic characteristics.

McLaren Elva 2021.

The latter are absolutely the same as on the original model: acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes 2.8 seconds, and acceleration from 0-200 km / h takes 6.8 seconds.

The appearance of such a version is due not only to customer requests, but also to the desire of the automaker to legalize the car in some countries and regions where cars without a windshield are illegal (for example, this applies to certain American states).

McLaren Elva 2021.

Note that initially the company planned to release the McLaren Elva in a circulation of 399 copies, but later the circulation was reduced first to 249, and then to 149 cars.

McLaren Elva 2021.

How many of them will be with a windshield is not specified yet.

Speedster prices start at 1.4 million pounds (almost 146.0 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

The deliveries of cars to customers have already begun, but cars with a windshield will not begin to be shipped until the end of 2021.

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