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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021: practical and comfortable SUV.
The new generation Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021 combines the potential of a comfortable family car and a full-fledged SUV.

Decorated in the Dynamic Shield style, the new version of the popular all-terrain vehicle is characterized by a bright and expressive appearance, a practical and ergonomic interior, high off-road parameters of the chassis.

The novelty is not tied to a specific age category, drivers of different generations will find a lot of useful and interesting things in the design and layout of the modernized Pajero model of 2021.


The photo of the front side of the body demonstrates the synthesis of branded off-road style and original design developments. The dynamic tilt of the windshield panoramic glass looks great in tandem:

• with rounded front edge and longitudinal hood profiles;

• chrome-plated lamellas of the upper air intake and angular contours of the headlight units;

• proprietary cladding and side diffusers with two-tier fog lights.

The ribbed profiles of the bumper, the decorative trim of the figured panel of the compact plastic body kit harmoniously fit into the general style of the front end. Chrome metal accents and a variety of stepped and wave reliefs are responsible for the decorative design of the front end.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021.

The SUV’s dynamic and monolithic profile attracts attention:

• a gentle slope complemented by compact roof rails;

• contrasting chrome-plating of the perimeter and black glossy trim of three-section windows;

• by the lines of the window sills raised to the rear pillars.

Also in sight are stepped door embossings, compact door handles, rounded square niches and a 6-petal pattern of one-piece aluminum composite rims. The status of a cross-country vehicle is confirmed by off-road clearance and short overhangs.

In the design of the stern, at first glance, the classic features of the crossover layout are guessed. In stock:

• curly edge of the decorative spoiler visor;

• sloped top glazing of the vertical tailgate.

• Exclusive configuration and graphics of multifunctional lights.

The powerful bumper has a pair of fog lamps and a cutout for the body kit. The overall ambience is effectively complemented by decorative chrome logo and trim, as well as a variety of interesting details of the dynamic body relief.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021.


In the interior design, leather trim is diluted with plastic and metal inserts. The range of materials is small, but their quality and installation are as close as possible to premium standards.

• In the layout and design properties of the front panel — a digital imitation of an analogue dashboard, equipped with a media command display and a climate control panel, a console, as well as air deflectors.

• The command buttons located on the upper plane of the stylish four-spoke steering wheel are responsible for activating and configuring some of the functional and «comfort» options.

The composition of the tunnel adjacent to the dashboard includes a technical segment with a gearshift knob, a travel mode switch, organizers corresponding to the status and a convenient armrest with a mini-refrigerator cover function.

The new SUV model, with a basic five-seater layout, offers flawlessly profiled and ergonomic pilot seats with lateral support, heating, ventilation and an expanded range of electrified settings.

The rear sofa for three seats provides riders with a high level of comfort and the ability to transform the center seat into an armrest with several useful options.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021.

With a seven-seater configuration, the cabin will receive two less comfortable seats with folding seats and limited road service.

The new body provides the possibility of increasing the standard 700-liter volume to 2500 liters due to the low-cost in time of laying the backs of the second row seats. The full-size spare wheel is mounted on the suspension under the floor of the trunk.


The outer dimensions of the body copied from the predecessor in the ratios of 4825 x 1815 and 1805 mm in the new incarnation of the SUV are left without significant changes. The list of advantages of the undercarriage:

• center base 2800 mm and clearance height up to 218 mm,

• four special running modes;

• disc brakes and stabilizers;

• extended functionality of electronic assistants and security systems.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021.

The new edition of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021 is based on the L200 frame platform with independent link suspension of the front and spring continuous rear axle.

The novelty provides a choice of two powertrains. In the first version, a three-liter «atmospheric» with an output of 209 hp / 279 Nm of peak thrust, which meets the Euro-5 eco-standards, is equipped with an all-wheel drive 8-band Super Select II power transmission.

More modest performance characteristics of the 2.4-liter diesel engine with 181 hp. compensated by the peak thrust coefficient increased to 480 Nm.

The test drive of the SUV confirmed the manufacturer’s declared traction, speed and consumption parameters.

Options and prices

Restyling left the offered assortment unchanged. The list still includes four modifications worth from 2.5 to 3 million rubles. The price is determined by the composition of the power unit and the functionality of the additional equipment.

Sales start in Russia

The official release date in Russia will be known after the complete readiness of the car assembly plant in Kaluga.


The new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021 model year has all the parameters for a successful rivalry with the same type of developments of the world’s leading brands.

The top lines of the list are occupied by models of the class not lower than Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Crosstour, Great Wall M4, Infiniti FX, SsangYong Rexton, Hyundai Santa Fe or Chevrolet Captiva.

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