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Nio ES6 2024.

Nio ES6 2024.

Nio ES6 2024.

The second-generation Nio ES6 crossover received more advanced electronics.

Small growths appeared on the roof above the windshield. In them, the developers placed cameras and lidar, which are part of the NAD (Nio Autonomous Driving) autopilot.

The electric car in the new body also received an enlarged rear window, and the charging connector hatch “moved” from the front fender to the rear. The choice of customers offered wheels with a diameter of 20 or 21″.

The interior of the second ES6 is designed in the style of the older ES8 and EC7 models. The ventilation deflectors on the front panel were disguised by the developers in the image of Tesla.

They also made the power window buttons more compact, and the door release handles were built into the armrests.

Of the equipment, it is worth noting a 10.2-inch virtual instrument display and a 12.8-inch AMOLED touchscreen of the multimedia system, above which there is also a miniature round screen.

The last one displays an animated face of a “pokemon”, which is the local voice assistant.

The front seats of the model have ventilation and vibration massage functions. There is also heating, and its intensity is regulated in three different zones.

Nio ES6 2024.

A retractable footrest is also designed to please the front passenger. The back sofa is divided into three parts (40:20:40). The side sections of the backrest have an electric folding mechanism.

For a surcharge, you can order the PanoCinema package. It includes a powerful audio system with 23 speakers and four pairs of virtual reality glasses.

This option allows you to turn the car interior into a real cinema.

The Nio ES6 2024 is based on the NT2 platform, although the hardware of the second generation model is almost the same as its predecessor.

Nio ES6 2024.

In particular, the novelty has a double-lever suspension in front and a multi-link rear.

Already in the base she put air struts with adaptive shock absorbers. Powerful Brembo brakes are also announced for it.

The overall length of the crossover has not changed much — 4,854 mm, but its wheelbase has been stretched to 2,915 mm (+ 15). From now on, the width of the car reaches 1,995 mm (+ 30), and in height — 1,703 mm (- 31).

The model debuted in an all-wheel drive version, in which the front engine produces 204 hp, and the rear engine produces 286 hp. At its peak, the installation develops 490 «mares».

Nio ES6 2024.

The first generation crossover had a similar version with 218 hp engines. every.

Such an electric car is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in about 4.0 seconds.

You can choose a traction battery — batteries with a capacity of 75 or 100 kWh are offered, although in the future a 150-kilowatt option will appear at all.

Separately, I would like to note the mentioned NAD autopilot. He is a modified model in a new body. From now on, it includes as many as 33 sensors, and the Adam computer is engaged in processing information.

The latter has at its disposal four Nvidia Orin X processors at once, the total performance of which reaches 1,016 tops (trillions of operations per second).

According to the developers, NAD is a Level 3 autopilot.

Nio ES6 2024.

However, the modified system has yet to be certified and so far it has been assigned only the second level of autonomy. The company promises to expand its functionality by simply updating the software.

Orders for the ES6 will begin at the end of May 23rd, but the cars will only be available from dealers in August.

The cost of the new electric car is not advertised, but for the predecessor they asked from 56 to 80 thousand US dollars (from 4.56 to 6.52 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

By the way, its sales have already been stopped — the old model has disappeared from the pages of the automaker’s website.

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