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Opel Manta GSe 2022.

Opel Manta GSe 2022.

Opel Manta GSe 2022.

Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD: factory restomod with great hopes for the future.

Opel has fully unveiled an electric restomod based on the classic Manta A coupe.

The project, which was meant to be a one-off, has generated such a strong reaction on the web that Opel is already thinking about producing it in small series and even a completely new Manta.

In the March announcement of this restomod, we talked in detail about all its historical allusions, and now watch and enjoy.

The classic look is spectacularly complemented by modern technology, including the Opel Pixel-Vizor LED panel across the width of the front, which can display text messages — though only in static, since driving with such messages on public roads is not yet allowed by law.

Behind the LED panel are the headlights borrowed from the previous generation Zafira compact van.

Chrome trim has been removed, as well as bumpers.

Opel Manta GSe 2022.

Into wheel niches classics hardly fit modern 17-inch Ronal rims on low profile tires (195/40 R 17 in the front and 205/40 R 17 in the back).

The taillights retain their round shape, but they are now LED.

Interior is heavily redesigned, it, in fact, only a padding on the center tunnel with the gear lever and a block of the microclimate are left from the original model.

The latter is not shown in the brand photos, but there is a report of the German magazine auto motor und sport, which was able to get acquainted with the novelty.

Opel Manta GSe 2022.

So, this block is located on the right side of the steering column and the upper slider is now responsible for regulation of intensity of regenerative braking.

The air ducts are moved out under the front panel, where a radio receiver was installed at the classic Manta.

The new wide «dashboard» consists of two screens from the new generation crossover Mokka (12 and 10 inches).

Opel Manta GSe 2022.

Instead of a radio the developers suggest using a Bluetooth Marshall speaker, placed between the front seats.

The front seats themselves with integral headrests and developed side support are from the Adam S hatchback.

But a suitable electric propulsion system for the restomod was not found inside the company Opel — it had to buy it on the side (from whom, is not reported).

But the layout of the classic was completely preserved: electric motor took place of the engine under the hood and transmits all the power (108 kW or 147 hp) to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission.

It is not necessary to use the box and depress the clutch to move from a place — it is enough to switch on «fourth» and drive as on «automatic».

Opel Manta GSe 2022.

The capacity of the battery is only 31 kWh, and therefore the range on a single charge is small — only 200 km on the cycle WLTP.

It takes just under four hours to fully charge the battery from the 9-kilowatt terminal.

Opel has not disclosed the dynamic characteristics of the restomod — probably they are with 147 «horses» is not very impressive, but they are definitely better than the original Manta A, which in the stock mode had no more than 105 hp.

The electric restomod is only a centner heavier than the gasoline car, which means it weighs about 1.1 tons.

German colleagues say that the Opel company was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic reaction of the public to the announcement and the debut of the Manta GSe ElektroMOD and are now thinking about small-scale production on the example of Volvo P1800 Cyan and VW T1 e-Bulli.

And in the future, there could be a completely new Manta, of course electric — there are plenty of opportunities for its development at Stellantis Corporation now, Opel only needs to concoct a convincing business plan and a cool design.

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