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Toyota Vios 2021.

Toyota Vios 2021.

Toyota Vios 2021.

Toyota Vios 2021: new budget sedan.

Not so long ago, Toyota has introduced a small budget sedan designed for Asian countries. The car immediately gained great popularity, as it had a bright appearance, a good interior for its value and characteristics sufficient for everyday driving.

So that the car does not lose its relevance, a small restyling was prepared for it, slightly changing all its indicators.

The new model has an even slightly more aggressive and stylish appearance, an improved interior with better materials and advanced multimedia, as well as a more powerful engine range. However, the 2021 Toyota Vios will cost a little more than its predecessor.


The design of the car is one of its main advantages. The photo shows that a lot of work was done on the appearance of the car, thanks to which the sedan turned out to be quite stylish, modern and rather formidable.

Toyota Vios 2021.

The new body boasts a variety of decorative elements. This list includes relief transitions in height, both stepped and wavy, a bunch of inserts, the color of which differs from the main color, as well as other details that form such a bright appearance.

The front of the car looks the most formidable. This part of the car is rather short, and also not very high, which allows a driver of any height to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

This will also be facilitated by the existing slope of the muzzle and the rounding, which begins already from the middle. You can also find here a lot of both decorative and useful details. It all starts with a very embossed hood, which is simply strewn with height transitions.

This is followed by a small cutout decorated with chrome accents and a Toyota badge in the center. It connects the headlights of the car to each other.

They, in turn, look quite aggressive and are executed in the corporate style of the Toyota brand. Both halogen and xenon lights can be used to fill them, depending on the configuration of the sedan.

Toyota Vios 2021.

The rest of the area is reserved for the body kit. Here the main detail is the huge trapezoidal air intake. Inside it you can find a bunch of horizontal stripes forming a grid, as well as a plate for installing a license plate.

A little higher, you can see a couple of headlights that are responsible for the low beam. The lighting doesn’t end there. In the lower part of the body kit, on the sides, there are large recesses filled with plastic inserts and round foglights.

The design of the body kit is completed with relief transitions in height.
The car is also well executed on the sides. Most of the area is set aside for a semicircle assembled from windows. Sufficiently thin strips painted black will always be used to frame and separate them into parts.

There are also quite large rear-view mirrors that take on a triangular shape and are decorated with repeaters of turn signals.

Toyota Vios 2021.

Further, the body will receive quite a lot of transitions in height, which have both a stepped and wavy appearance. Large door handles painted in chrome are striking here. At the bottom of the profile, you can see small wheel arches that are slightly inflated, as well as slightly protruding sills.

The rear of the car also takes on a stylish look. Like many other modern sedans, it is quite short and also at high altitude.

Its design begins with a short tailgate, which is complemented by a small protrusion at the end. Below are the main decorations for the rear of the car, which include large marker signals, a huge variety of relief, a platform for installing a license plate, chrome nameplates and other little things.

The body kit protrudes slightly outward here, which includes fog lights, a little relief and a decorative strip of plastic. There is only one exhaust pipe here and it is hidden under the body.


Also, the new Toyota Vios 2021 model year has an excellent interior for its value. The car will be trimmed inside with good fabrics, good quality plastic, which can be either soft or hard, as well as artificial leather and metals.

In the extended configuration, the buyer will find an advanced multimedia complex, which includes all the necessary functionality for a comfortable ride at any distance.

The dashboard of the car is very neat. It has a small touchscreen monitor, a pair of large air vents, and a console filled with analog buttons and washers.

The torpedo is connected to the tunnel with a large hole for storing things. Further, the tunnel will receive cup holders, a transmission selector, a parking brake and an armrest, if provided by a configuration option.

Also in the car there are five quite comfortable seats, which can be trimmed with either fabrics or artificial leather.

They will increase the level of comfort thanks to the existing support on the sides, the front row heating system, mechanical adjustments and other useful options.

Toyota Vios 2021.


Under the hood of the 2021 Toyota Vios, there will be only gasoline powertrains. The base is a 1.3-liter unit, the capacity of which is at around 98 forces.

For a surcharge, a 1.5-liter unit is already installed here, capable of delivering 106 power forces. A couple of motors will be either a variator or a five-speed mechanic.

Later, a test drive will show what the car is capable of in various conditions, but it is unlikely that it will perform well outside the city with such indicators.

Options and prices

The price of the car starts at $ 17,000. For the top-end version, you will have to pay 5 thousand more.


The main competitors of the car are Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris and Lada Vesta.

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