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Toyota Century 2022.

Toyota Century 2022.

Toyota Century 2022.

New Toyota Century: production version for 180 thousand dollars.

Japanese car brand Toyota this year was marked by the announcement of the appearance of a new family in the lineup.

We are talking about cars that will be based on the Crown sedan.

This car was first presented last fall at the auto show in Tokyo.

The Toyota Century is the most luxurious and exclusive car of the Japanese car industry, and the current generation is only the third one in half a century!

Now the executive sedan has reached the assembly line — and the company has revealed all the details about the technology and equipment.

This model in the new generation debuted on the world market.

However, as it turned out, this is not the end of surprises from Toyota. In the near future, the company plans to launch a flagship SUV, which will belong to the premium segment.

According to experts, Japanese model may turn out to be one of the competitors for Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Toyota Century 2022.

Details about the future novelty in the network has not yet disclosed, despite the fact that some experts expect that the production of the SUV will start next year.

Some motorists think the model may get the name Century.

At that it won’t be connected in any way with the existing premium-sedan, which has the same name.

Appearance of the SUV, in all likelihood, will be close to the flagship Rolls-Royce.

This means the presence of a massive grille, as well as rectangular optics of the correct shape.

If this novelty debuts, it will turn out to be the most expensive representative in Toyota’s lineup.

Toyota Century 2022.

However, we should not expect that the price of «Japanese» will be approximately the same as the Cullinan.

The new SUV will be a production car, while the British model is produced as a custom version, when each customer can order a personal performance.

At the moment there is information that the Japanese developer expects to produce about a thousand of such vehicles a year.

In what markets the novelty will be available for order is not known yet.

Despite the external conservatism, the Century of the new generation has no common details with its predecessors.

The car became bigger in all directions: the length increased by 65 mm (up to 5335 mm), width — by 40 mm (1930 mm), and height — by 30 mm (1505 mm). That is, the dimensions of the Century surpasses such cars as Mercedes S-Class and BMW Seventh Series in extended versions.

Toyota Century 2022.

All lighting equipment is now on diodes. Door sills are 15 mm closer to the ground for easy entry and exit, and the upper edges of doorways are closer to the ceiling.

The interior is no less conservative. There are still many buttons, analog (not even optitronic) instrument scales and traditional transmission selector with a slot for a rocker.

There is a slot for CDs, although there is a screen of media system. Pay attention to the inside door release handles: you need to pull them up instead of sideways.

On the back row — three seatbelts, but the third passenger is clearly unnecessary: he is hampered by a massive tunnel and the console with 11.6-inch display, where you can watch TV programs and movies.

Another 7-inch touchscreen is built into the central armrest — it concentrates control of «music», climate control, massage and window curtains.

Side seats of the rear row have electric adjustments and ventilation, and on the left side (in Japan it is the place of the main passenger) there is also a folding footrest.

Toyota Century 2022.

There are also folding tables. Natural wood is used in the trim, and the Century has natural wool seat upholstery by default, though leather is also available on request.

There are nine airbags, including side airbags for the rear passengers.

In terms of technology, the new Toyota Century is heavily unified with the 2006 Lexus LS sedan of the previous generation.

The chassis is with double wishbone suspension at the front, multilever at the back and air bags all around. Even the size of wheelbase is the same 3090 mm as the long version of Lexus (it is 65 mm more than in Century of the last generation).

In Japan, anyone can buy Century — cars are available for order in all Toyota dealer network.

But production volume is limited at the level of 50 cars a month. However, the imperial house of Japan and high-ranking officials will remain the main buyers, since businessmen traditionally dislike Century just because of its belonging to the higher echelons of power.

Besides, not everybody can afford such a price. The Century will not be supplied outside Japan.

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