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Toyota GR Corolla 2023.

Toyota GR Corolla 2023.

Toyota GR Corolla 2023.

Toyota GR Corolla hot hatch: 304 hp, all-wheel drive, manual and rally hardened.

Toyota continues to please petrolheads: against the background of general enthusiasm for electric cars, it has presented a classic compact hot-hatch with a petrol engine and a non-alternative manual gearbox.

Sales in the U.S. and Japan will start in the second half of this year, in Europe GR Corolla is not expected before 2023.

Toyota GR Yaris, which debuted in early 2020, has become a truly cult Toyota GR Yaris subcompact hot hatch, sports car enthusiasts simply adore it, because there are simply no analogues in the modern market of GR Yaris, but you can buy it only in its native Japan and Europe.

Even more wicked Toyota GRMN Yaris with finalized body and chassis is accessible only in Japan.

The habitat of Toyota GR Corolla presented today will be wider — the premiere of the compact hot-hatch took place in the USA, in California, and there are only left-hand drive cars in the brand photo set.

Of course, there will be right-hand drive cars as well, the assembly of all versions of GR Corolla will be done by GR factory Motomachi in Japan (GR Yaris are also made there).

Toyota GR Corolla 2023.

As the basis of GR Corolla taken standard 5-door hatch current generation, but its body significantly revised: the roof is now made of carbon fiber, the hood and front doors are made of aluminum, the front fenders are wider by 20 mm, rear — by 30 mm, installed power struts between the racks of the rear suspension and strengtheners in the central tunnel and gas tank.

Vent holes are cut in the front fenders, a spoiler is installed on the tailgate, there is a new front bumper with a large «mouth» of the air intake, and the new rear bumper is decorated with a three-barrel exhaust, emphasizing that under the hood there are only three cylinders.

Gasoline 1.6-liter «turbo» G16E-GTS is borrowed from GR Yaris, but its power has been increased from 272 to 304 hp. (reached at 6500 rpm), the torque remained the same — 370 Nm, on GR Corolla it is available from 3000 to 5550 rpm.

Toyota GR Corolla 2023.

Transmission is the same as in GR Yaris: gearbox — only 6-speed «mechanics» iMT with function of automatic adjustment of engine rpm during shifting, a full drive — with a multi-disk clutch to the rear axle.

The clutch always works with preload: 40, 50 or 70% of power is transferred to the rear axle, depending on the selected mode.

Torsen self-locking front and rear axle differentials are available as an option instead of the default free axle differentials.

The gray car on the photos is the advanced Circuit Edition: from the basic Core it differs already included in the equipment «self-locking», black glossy decor, a more developed rear spoiler, humped hood with two ventilation grilles and a roof made of the so-called forged carbon fiber instead of woven (has a more interesting pattern).

Toyota GR Corolla 2023.

GR Corolla has McPherson-type front suspension and independent double wishbone rear suspension.

Compared to a usual Corolla, the track of front wheels is increased by 60 mm, rear wheels — 85 mm.

Certainly, GR Corolla has own springs, shock-absorbers and antiroll bars — their adjustment together with steering, according to developers, was conducted both on asphalt and unpaved and snowy roads for the hot-hatch to be really universal and similar to rally cars.

The brakes have fixed «all-round» calipers (four-piston in the front, two-piston in the rear). The standard tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4 235/40 R 18.

The cabin is equipped with sport front seats with suede upholstery, sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals, electromechanical handbrake was replaced by a classic lever, and the standard instrument panel was replaced by a fully virtual 12.3-inch designed specifically for this model.

Toyota GR Corolla 2023.

Multimedia screen is 8-inch. Heated steering wheel and seats, as well as a premium audio system JBL with eight speakers (standard for Circuit Edition) are offered at extra cost.

The Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 electronic driver assistance system is standard on all versions.

Curb weight of Toyota GR Corolla is 1475 kg. Fuel tank capacity is 50 liters. Dynamic characteristics and prices have not yet been announced.

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